Your customer hubs have new syncing powers: November product releases

Your customer hubs have new syncing powers: November product releasesYour customer hubs have new syncing powers: November product releases

Transparent customer relationships are all about collaboration, and that’s the beauty of the EverAfter customer hub. No matter how many high-touch or low-touch customers you have in the pipeline, you want to always be 100% aligned with their activities and onboarding projects. 

Up until now, EverAfter users didn’t always have the luxury of automation in some of the most crucial areas of customer success collaboration — especially when it came to high-touch customers. 

What was lacking magic?

Much time was still being spent on manually checking the status of complex projects and ongoing customer activities, updating or reminding users of new tasks that were completed or added, and so on. Customer collaboration is all about seamless communication, and the stronger the collaboration, the better the results. 
This is why our EverAfter product wizards spent the month of November casting spells on customer hub capabilities; thinking deeply about how we can improve the EverAfter experience for our customer-obsessed users who always want to be 100% in-sync with their customers. Whether through status trackers, weekly summary emails, or Zapier integrations, your customer hub kingdom is about to reach a new stature of royalty.

Status Tracker

EverAfter's new Status Tracker

Managing high-touch customers with complex projects? Or long-tale accounts with simple onboarding checklists?

The new Status Tracker screen lets you oversee and stay in sync with ongoing customer activities and onboarding projects.

Tip: This screen is useful both for high-touch and self-service use-cases.

The Status Tracker screen shows:

  • Progress on all the widgets of the current accounts filter - Account, Widget name, Account Owner, Started (when the first task on the widget was checked), Last completed (when the most recent task was checked, Last completed by, Tasks left).
  • Customer-facing and internal tasks
  • Tasks from archived widgets

Other features:

  • When archiving an account - all shared links will be disabled. This gives you better control on the Account Limit.
  • Users that signed up with a password can now also log in with their Google account, and it will stay linked with the same user.
  • Task widget - Expand the next open task by default and focus your users on the next action they need to take

Hub Summary Emails

EverAfter's new Hub Summary Emails

EverAfter is all about helping your customers on their journeys, and this is one feature you don't want to miss out on. You can now send weekly hub summaries to each customer account, remind customers of incomplete tasks, or gently remind a client to access their hub. This ongoing activity is bound to make your customer relationships stronger and stronger over time. 

Imagine a workday where you don’t need to devote time to going through your customer accounts to see who has incomplete tasks or hasn’t accessed their hub in a while. What a life! 

How does it work?

The email hub summaries are sent straight to your customers’ inboxes. This email module works for either standalone or Salesforce workspaces — for Admins and Hub Owners.

Tip: You can access the module through the following widgets:

  • To-dos
  • KPIs
  • Table

CRM <> Zapier Integration

EverAfter's new Zapier integration

Every seasoned tech user loves a good Zapier integration. As our magic EverAfter spells and potions are always focused on customer pain points and wishes, we boiled down to the SaaS tools that our users enjoy most. 

And finally, after weeks of magic wand-waving, our Zapier integration supports the following apps:

  • Google Sheets
  • Airtable
  • Pipedrive
  • Zoho CRM
  • And dozens more!

Using these integrations allow you to sync your external accounts with EverAfter — so you can streamline your onboarding and ongoing processes with personalized and automated hubs.

Tip: There are some more hub perks available to you, from now until forever…

  • 📜 Bring your data from other tools via a CSV import
  • 📌  Add new tabs with a single click
  • 🖼️  Create kits in seconds by using our new Kit gallery
  • 🕹 Use your company domain in hub share links (Growth and Custom plans)
  • 🚀 Internal widgets are now marked on the kit contents panel
  • 👥 Users that signed up with a password can now also log in with their Google account

What’s Next?

EverAfter lets you build personalized hubs for every user directly inside your product. No code required. Our new and improved syncing and collaboration features let you deliver a truly personalized customer relationship experience, while still automating many tedious tasks that usually weigh down customer success professionals. 
Get started by building your personalized hub today — right here, right now!

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Your customer hubs have new syncing powers: November product releases
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