Generate More Revenue from Existing Customers

Source and optimize revenue opportunities with a hyper-tailored buyer experience

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Success plans

Let customers raise their hands

Transform your interface into a dynamic hub where action triggers, educational insights, and personalized recommendations converge. This approach empowers you to spark customer curiosity, driving them to actively seek and explore new expansion opportunities on their own.

Execute a personalized buyer engagement strategy

The old 'spray and pray' upsell tactics don't cut it anymore these days. Clients demand personalized, goal-aligned solutions, not generic pitches. Miss the mark, and you risk not only lost upsell chances but also turning off clients with offers that don’t work for their business.

With EverAfter:

  • Move beyond assumptions and offer upsell opportunities that are precisely tailored to each account's desired outcomes, vertical, and true needs.

  • Stop bombarding accounts with unhelpful content and loads of emails from multiple departments that creates unnecessary clutter and pushes customers away.

  • Leverage valuable insights directly sourced from within the interface and witness a remarkable surge in both your upsell conversion rates and expansion opportunities.

Set up a Deal Room for your team and the customer's team

With more stakeholders gaining access to the customer interface, you can significantly increase your reach and tap into a wider network of decision-makers and stake-holders within your client’s company, maximizing your sales potential and fostering stronger relationships with each account.

With EverAfter

  • Extend your outreach beyond the direct contact and connect with multiple stakeholders within each account.

  • Encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing within your accounts.

  • Make it easy for you to onboard your executive sponsor

Generate inbound CSQLs using automated signals

Expanding in the B2B space often means grappling with the challenge of identifying and prioritizing potential expansion opportunities within a large customer base. With CSMs juggling numerous accounts, a systematic and strategic approach is essential to efficiently spot and nurture promising expansion leads.

With EverAfter:

  • Utilize customer data to provide customers with personalized insights and recommendations that are dynamically updated as their needs evolve

  • Keep customers engaged by embedding videos, case studies, and product updates directly into the customer interface.

  • Get real-time notifications when customers interact with important content, so you can talk expansion with them when they're ready.

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