Strengthen Your Partners, Strengthen Your Business

Create clarity for your partners with the platform designed to streamline and personalize the entire partner lifecycle, from qualification to revenue.

Programs Delivered with a B2B Partner Interface

Partner qualification & registration

Streamline the process of assessing and admitting new partners into your ecosystem, ensuring they meet your business standards and criteria.

Partner onboarding

Facilitate a smooth transition for new partners with structured training sessions, resource allocations, and initial support to help them get up to speed quickly.

Partner enablement & academy

Enhance partner skills and knowledge through targeted training programs and partner marketing assets that enable them to effectively sell and support your products.

Deal registration & tracking

Allow partners to register deals and track their progress, synced seamlessly with your CRM ensuring data heygen and robust automation.

Partner-led implementation

Empower partners to lead the implementation of your solutions at customer sites, ensuring they can deliver quality service and support post-sale.

Partner portal

Offer a central hub where partners can access information, tools, and support needed to manage their activities, interact with your team, and track their performance.

Streamlined Partner Onboarding: Fast-Track Success

The success of your partners is integral to your business growth. EverAfter's onboarding interface is designed to optimize this crucial phase, ensuring your partners are well-trained, fully informed, and ready to succeed.

With EverAfter:

  • Manage partner qualification and requirements seamlessly using pre-onboarding Partner Interface.

  • Provide partners with all necessary information and resources for a comprehensive understanding of your processes ond offerings.

  • Enable partners to easily submit required documents like NDAs, ensuring a secure and efficient onboarding experience.

Nurturing Continuous Partner Growth and Collaboration

Foster a dynamic and collaborative environment for your partners with EverAfter's Ongoing interface.

With EverAfter:

  • Send referrals directly to the CRM, enhancing partners' contribution to sales pipelines and streamlining the referral process.

  • Visualize real-time progress of the pipeline created by partners, enabling proactive adjustments.

  • Maintain transparent and up-to-date commission information to foster partner trust and motivation.

  • Distribute comprehensive sales collateral to partners, enabling them to effectively communicate your value proposition.

Dynamic interface customization for diverse partner roles

EverAfter’s powerful platform brings a new level of personalization to your partner interface. Create unique content sections for different partner personas, such as implementers, resellers and referrals, and provide an intuitive interface for seamless account navigation, enriching the partner experience.

With EverAfter:

  • Adjust content and tools dynamically based on partner feedback and performance metrics, ensuring that each partner has the tools they need to succeed.

  • Use EverAfter rules and journeys to curate the content and experience for each partner.

Empowering Your Team to Excel in Partner Management

Efficiently manage and iterate your partner programs with EverAfter's versatile management tools.

With EverAfter:

  • Build and adjust partner segments and workflows with ease, ensuring your team can react quickly to changing market conditions.

  • Utilize powerful analytics to track progress and your interface performance and impact, facilitating strategic decision-making.

"EverAfter is a one stop shop for our partners which provides them with lead pipeline, training, referrals and more"

Lynn Godfrey

Lead Partner Training Program Manager

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