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5 Customer Success Myths to Leave Behind in 2021

In this book, we're debunking some customer success myths as told by the best customer success leaders. Every chapter has a myth to leave behind. Some of them are bold. Some are unpredictable. Be open-minded and see what you can take and bring to your team as an open conversation.

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Top Customer Success Leaders Reveal: Secrets to extraordinary customer onboarding

In this book, we’re sharing some of the lessons we’ve learned from our conversations with Customer Success leaders on how to run better onboarding. So in each chapter, we’ll let you in on a secret we learned from them about the topic.

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My Most Creative Customer Success Plays

How do you keep your customer success team challenged, get them to think outside the box, and make them take full ownership over key aspects of the business?
We've put all these great practices into one book. You can implement most of these right away.

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