The B2B Interface That Transforms How Companies Thrive Together

Set your partners, prospects and customers up for the right actions, to achieve their outcomes and drive your business forwards.

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Why Companies Invest in a B2B Interface?

In the era of TMI (too much information), B2B companies need to go beyond content and data sharing in order to help their partners, prospects, and customers in navigating their relationships successfully throughout their journey.

B2B complexities demand uncompromising clarity.

A well-designed B2B Interface offers stakeholders clear guidance on what the next best action should be in their journey.

By turning services and processes into personalized, actionable formats, companies pave the way for productivity, efficiency, and scalability. Mastering the conversion of information into actionable clarity ensures that both parties have a clear path to achieving their respective objectives.

How an EverAfter B2B Interface inspires the next best action

Personalized & Curated 

Deliver ultra personalized content and data custom-tailored for your customer and partner needs, helping them smoothly progress and make the best moves at every step of their journey towards their desired outcomes.

Built for autonomous work

Provide complete self-sufficiency experience with an always-on B2B interface, designed for async work.

One-stop shop

Your customers and partners will finally have one go-to place to access anything and everything! Plans, goals, communication, recordings, data - all of it.

Easy to collaborate

Using built-in  interactive widgets  in your B2B interface will encourage prospects, customers and partners to participate in conversations, comment on your content, and upload content on their own. 

EverAfter's onboarding hubs

See how Gong built an
onboarding Customer Interface with EverAfter

Gong reduced their customer time to value by X3 with a B2B Interface

Liz Chmar

Success Operations Program Manager

EverAfter platform has all the core components needed to manage your B2B Interface

A no code interface builder

Enjoy a no-code experience that enables you to build, modify, and scale your customer interface with ease

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Journey automation and orchestration

Implement automation and segmentation features to streamline your customer engagement process

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100+ integrations

Effortlessly connect your interface with essential tools like CRM, ticketing systems, CSPs, calendars and BI systems

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Data driven insights

Track engagement in real-time and always follow up at the right time

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Fully white-labeled solution

The B2B interface can live inside your app and completely match your brand

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“EverAfter has allowed us to move away from troubleshooting toward deep strategic conversations."

Danny Chalmers

Revenue Operations

"Working with EverAfter has truly transformed our customer journey"

Valentina Guseva

Customer Success & Growth

"EverAfter is a one stop shop for our partners which provides them with lead pipeline, training, referrals and more"

Lynn Godfrey

Lead Partner Training Program Manager

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