Customer Interface

Create a collaborative workspace with every client, delivering tailored success plans, curated resources, and insightful reports (all on your own!)

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No-code Customer Interface - Build a layer into your product that helps customers grow | Product Hunt

Trusted by customer-centric B2B companies

Go from stalled to streamlined.

It's likely you're doing everything in your power to get your customers to complete your customer success programs and advance in their journey.

But even the best resources and programs can't stop customers from getting overwhelmed, lost in the noise, paralyzed.

It's not just about information—it's about clarity.

EverAfter, transforms overload into actionable, personalized engaging customer experiences. Build customer portals, hubs, dashboards, and presentation, using the first B2B Customer Interface.

Here’s how it gets  your customers to take action.

Personalized & Curated 

Deliver each customer content and data custom-tailored for their needs, helping them smoothly progress and make the best moves at every step of their journey.

Built  for autonomous work

Provide complete self-sufficiency to your customers with an always-on customer interface, designed for async work.

Geared towards action

Your customers will finally have one go-to place to access anything and everything! Plans, goals, communication, recordings, data - all of it.

Easy to collaborate

Using built-in  interactive widgets  in your customer interface will encourage your customers to participate in conversations, comment on your content, and upload content on their own. 

EverAfter's onboarding hubs

See how Gong built
self-serve Customer Interface with EverAfter

Core components to manage your B2B Customer Interface

Building is easy

Enjoy a no-code experience that enables you to build, modify, and scale your customer interface with ease

Iterate constantly

Keep a close eye on customer interactions using real-time insights

Plays well with others

Effortlessly connect your custom hub with essential tools like CRM, ticketing systems, calendars and BI systems

Built for scale

Implement automation and segmentation features to streamline your customer engagement process

Fully white-labeled solution

The customer interface can live inside your app and completely match your brand

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