Your CSMs
will thank you.
Your customers will adore you.

  • Provide a high-touch Customer Experience Portal for each client with everything they need

  • Scale your customer experience without increasing Customer Success headcount

  • Implementing a tech-touch strategy? With an onboarding hub, your customers are about to become fully self-sufficient

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Wouldn’t it be nice to give your customers everything they need in one place?

You will no longer share spreadsheets with your customers or send endless emails with attached materials. Instead, you’ll focus on creating value.

With EverAfter:

  • Quickly spin up dynamic, branded customer hubs on your own (no developer needed)

  • Feed your hub with data from your tech stack

  • Use our widget-based creator to include call recordings, documents, KPIs, contracts, task lists, and so much more!

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“EverAfter is a whole new way of managing accounts successfully and in a professional manner”

Varda Tirosh

Chief Customer Officer

Create an actionable self-served hub to empower your tech-touch accounts

Using a customer hub, your low-touch accounts will become truly self-sufficient:

  • Automatically generate hubs that include tasks, written resources, videos, and everything in between

  • Allow you customers to comment, upload docs, and share feedback

“We’re finally delivering a white-glove experience that makes our CS team feel like rockstars”
Says Rob from K4Connect.

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Buy vs. Build? Easy. Give your CS team the control to manage their relationships on their own

CSMs are so often depended on other teams (product, RND) to build things and solve problems for their customers.


  • Build a scalable customer experience within days

  • Connect EverAfter to your tech stack within minutes

  • Enable real-time collaboration with customers

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Record-breaking time-to-value with a one-of-a-kind customer onboarding hub

Onboarding new users is probably your CSMs' most time-consuming responsibility. So often they find themselves answering the same questions over and over again.

With EverAfter:

  • Create an automated onboarding journey that feels personalized

  • Share the right content with each customer segment

  • Give your Customer Success team more time to focus on growth and adoption

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These CS professionals take ownership of their customer’s experience.

Robert V.
Senior Client Success Manager

“Our team did not have a good way to show Clients where they were in the user journey. With Everafter we quickly spin up beautiful, branded customer hubs that are accurate as they draw from our CRM data.”

Verified customer review at G2
Mariah U.
Scale Customer Success Manager

"Our new customers now complete their technical onboarding 2-3x the rate than they did before, with 10x less emails between them and their CSM/AE".

Verified customer review at G2
Yair B.
Head of Customer Success operations

“81% of our customers consider the EverAfter’s hubs to be their most effective method for receiving new information, tips, alerts, and suggestions.”

Verified customer review at G2

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