Get on the same page with your customer. Literally.

EverAfter lets CSMs build personalized hubs for every user directly inside your product. No code required. 

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“When doing onboarding in complex B2B SaaS you need to be on top of everything and manage things very closely. EverAfter helps us execute this goal exceptionally well. By enabling us to create a personal customer hub, we can share everything with customers easily and adjust the content to suit that specific persona.”

Asaff Zamir

VP Customer Success, Siemplify

A customer success manager's work usually starts when most fairy tales end - taking care of the customers happily ever after.

While this is a key role in every business's success, as in real-life relationships there will be ups and downs, good days, and bug days.

This is quite a journey that involves a few figures working hard on making this relationship succeed.

Unlock a superior customer success experience. 

EverAfter offers a self-service hub that's fully white-labeled, customized, and embedded in your product. Your CSMs are going to be in the driver’s seat, crafting their customers’ experience on their own. 

Let your CRM data flow into your hub so your customers can stay on top of everything. 

It takes FOREVER to bring together content to share with customers. The power of EverAfter begins when you connect it to the tools you already have. Show every customer their own KPIs taken from Salesforce, support tickets pulled from Zendesk, upcoming training meetings taken from your calendar, and so much more!

Run onboarding and ongoing customer to-dos using EverAfter

Forget all about using an external tool to project-manage your customer tasks. With EverAfter, you’ll create tasks, assign owners & dates, notify your customer when they need to complete a task, and even add internal tasks that are only relevant for your team - All as part of the customer hub. 

Getting started is easy.

No more set-up headaches. EverAfter lets you build beautiful hubs that you can use across as many accounts as you want. We call it: personalization at scale. 

EverAfter is the powerful canvas where business relationships evolve and rise.
Easily create fabulous, tailor-made customer hubs, just the way you imagine it
The customer hub is part of the product so your customer never leaves it
Intuitively support your ever-evolving and changing needs
Discover how your customers consume your offering and services
Get your team and customers on the same page. Literally. 
You needed code to do this much. Not anymore
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