The new way of data collection

Data collection tool that boosts team productivity, optimizes the journey of your customers and partnerand ensures high data integrity

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Information update made easy

With EverAfter, the data collection process becomes a seamless part of your customer's journey.

Through our intuitive interface, you can ask customers to update their goals and objectives, contact info, and for partners to submit their leads information, reducing the need for repetitive follow-up.

Make sure your data is complete and consistent


With a 2-way sync to your company's CRM, data from the interface will be updated consistently into your CRM and vice versa


By reflecting data from your tech-stack real-time, you can rest-assured that your customers and partners will always see the most updated information


Your data will continuously be enriched with data coming directly from your customers and partners

Deliver a powerful personalized experience

Present each stakeholder with a tailor-made learning path based on pre-set criteria - product usage, vertical, company size, and more.

This seamless, automated approach ensures that every customer and partner is equipped with the knowledge to succeed, effortlessly bridging any usage gaps.

Always be closing the data loop

When you collect information on your B2B interface, you can send it right to your CRM, storage system, or product.

Plus, EverAfter's native CRM integrations let you make real-time updates to your CRM directly from the EverAfter interface. This will not only save you time, but it might also help you save money on CRM licenses.

Always be closing the data loop

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