When success plans are truly pathways to success

Take your success plans to the next level by making them dynamic and driving customer action and achievement.

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Success plans

Collaborative success plans as it should be.

Partner with your customers in a shared space that’s designed to define, track, and achieve outcomes that matter. With EverAfter’s interactive success plans, collaboration becomes the catalyst for customer achievement.

Static Success Plans Don’t Inspire Action

Traditional success plans are often just a to-do list with a goal at the end, not the living, breathing guide your customers crave. Without the zest of interactivity or the power to evolve, these plans aren't just static; they're stuck.

With EverAfter:

  • Build success plans that are designed to provide complete self-sufficiency to every customer.

  • Foster ongoing communication with discussion feeds that encourage collaborative work.

  • Drive momentum with dynamic action items that evolve with your customers’ outcomes.

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Doesn’t Fit Well

It's hard to succeed with generic success plans because they don't take into account the unique DNA of each customer. Different industries, distinct outcomes, varying maturity levels of businesses, and even different stakeholder positions demand tailored strategies.

With EverAfter:

  • Plan ahead with custom plans that meet all your customers' unique needs, and enjoy bulk prepping in advance.

  • Let your customers add their latest goals and needs, keeping their success plan alive as their business grows.

  • Take advantage of pre-made success plan templates that will inspire you and save you time and effort.

  • Customize those templates down to the last detail, matching your customers' objectives with precision.

Building success plans for customers

Transparency is the name of the game.

When success plans are closed books, customers are left in the dark, unable to see the full picture of their journey. Success plans aren’t just about goals; it's about demonstrating how to get there.

With EverAfter:

  • Develop a shared vision with strategic plans that align with your customers’ aspirations.

  • Connect your customer interface to your customer data sources so that customers see how they’re progressing against defined goals.

  • Empower your customers to update business outcomes data, so that your internal team can understand the impact of what they are doing.

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