Streamline your success programs with effective task management

Easily collaborate with your clients on personalized onboarding task plans, success plans, ongoing projects and more

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A task management solution that truly drives customer action

Organize your success programs into bite-sized, actionable task plans.

In EverAfter, tasks are meticulously crafted with:

  • Designated owners

  • Flexible due dates

  • Compelling calls-to-action

  • Supportive resources

Always be closing the loop

Always be closing the loop

With our task management tool, you'll never leave any loose ends. Use the tool to request information from your customer, attach supporting files and show guided videos.

Get in touch with customers or team members by starting focused conversations on specific tasks.

With automated reminders as deadlines approach, our tool not only streamlines task completion but also significantly improves your customers' productivity and journey progression.

Choose from a wide variety of  Ready-to-Use Templates

With our platform, you can offer each client a task plan that's perfect for their current desired milestone in their customer journey, ranging from self-service plans to comprehensive collaboration programs.

As your clients evolve and transition into new lifecycle stages, the customer interface seamlessly updates, unveiling new and relevant tasks designed to propel them forward in their journey.

Build once. Iterate constantly.

Creating customer programs on top of your interface and reusing them for each user segment automatically in bulk is possible, but optimizing based on data is key.

EverAfter's analytics will let you know how customers interact with your programs so you can iterate based on what you learn.

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