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How Verbit created transparent data-sharing with EverAfter

”EverAfter allows us to provide our customers with full visibility in a one-stop-shop: saving us a lot of time by automating manual processes that used to take us hours each month.”

Noga Sela
Director of Business Operations, Verbit.ai
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How Zesty scales partner relationships with EverAfter

”In the moment we went live with Everafter, it was a big WOW moment: In 7 days, we were up with an amazing process and integration that allows us to scale our work with partners.”

Matan Alperovitch
Head of Revenue Operations, Zesty
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24% of ControlUp unmanaged customers upgraded their product thanks to their EverAfter personalized hub.

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Yair Bortinger
Head of Customer Success Operations, ControlUp
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