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Customer Experience Portal Software

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What’s included?

  • 10 kits

  • 3 personas and 3 assets

  • Advanced CRM integrations

  • Additonal integrations

  • Automation rules

  • Events and tasks APIs

  • Fully white label solution

  • Use your domain

  • Custom analytics

  • Customer login and SSO support

  • Dedicated CSM

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Ideal for businesses looking to
build long lasting relationships
with their entire customer-base

What’s included?
Everything in BUSINESS and

  • Unlimited accounts

  • Unlimited assets

  • Unlimited personas

  • Advanced integrations

  • Dedicated CSM

  • Data Governance

  • Single sign on

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Get access to our complete B2B Customer Interface Platform

  • Create a personalized customer interface to manage each account throughout its entire lifecycle.

  • Optimize collaboration by integrating all customer-facing interactions into the hub

  • Fully white label solution that can live inside your app

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Ideal for businesses with large customer-base or unique business models who require enterprise-grade functionality

  • Data governance

  • Additional integrations

  • Single sign on

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All plans come with:

Widget based customer hub builder

Drag-n-drop customer success widgets to design  beautiful white-labeled customer portals

Automation and visibility rules

Determine which hub is shown to each user within each account. Create hubs in bulk using segmentation

Robust integrations

Get EverAfter integrated with your tech stack in minutes. From Salesforce to HubSpot to Zendesk to Slack - we have you covered.


Find out how your customers
consume your content

Advanced reporting

Track your customers’ progress through the customer journey from a brid’s eye view with EverAfter native reporting tool

Customer login and customer SSO support

Allow your customers to access their customer portals through personal logins and/or single sign-ons.

Granular roles and permissions

Achieve full control over who can do and see which aspects of EverAfter by assigning roles to the members of your success team.

Enhanced task management

Featuring subtasks, due dates, reminders, and comments, our task widget allows you to manage internal or external to-do lists as efficiently as possible

Dedicated CSM

A dedicated Customer Success Manager will be available to you from kickoff through every stage of your customer journey.

EverAfter can help at each step of the way

Frequently asked questions answered

What type of customer programs can I use EverAfter for?

Many! EverAfter is most commonly used for customer onboarding, EBRs, POCs, specific project-based customer milestones, partner onboarding, and pre-sale management.

Can I connect EverAfter to my company’s CRM?

Yes you can! Our native integrations with Salesforce and HubSpot allow you to connect EverAfter easily and map all required fields. These come with every plan, free of charge.

Once you connect EverAfter to your CRM, data will be updated real-time, at all times. No delays, no downtime. We actually don't store the data at all and so its also 100% secure and S0C2 compliant.

Can I connect EverAfter to Gong?

Yes! our Gong integration allows you to auto-generate call links. EverAfter searches for meetings with every customer, and automatically generates call links that will be attached to the meeting timelines. Using the integration you'll be able to let your customers watch recordings within their customer hub. All meeting recordings are embedded directly into your EverAfter customer portal, so your customers never have to leave it.

How can I measure my customers’ engagement with the hubs?

Measuring customer engagement is actually a key aspect of our platform. We collect all information regarding customer views of your hubs, actions taken with each widget, as well as comments left on content appearing in the widgets. Each time a customer engages with your content, you will be notified via email and directly within the EverAfter platform. 

What are your advanced integrations?

EverAfter integrates with a number of different tools. These tools include: Gong, Tableau, Okta (for SSO), Zendesk, and more. In addition, we offer a number of APIs, and Zapier is also an option. 

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