Zesty’s RevOps & Partnerships teams use EverAfter to scale partnership operation, processes, and referral registration

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About Zesty

Zesty is an AI-driven cloud management solution that proactively adapts cloud resources to real-time application needs.

Industry: SaaS

FTES: 400+

Location: USA

Use Case: Streamlining partner communication, referral submission, pipeline trackers & collaterrals

The Challenge

Zesty’s correspondence process for their partners’ referral registration was taking place through multiple channels: phone calls, emails, Zooms, WhatsApps etc., and referrals weren’t being documented in the CRM. Their partners didn’t know what the lead referral follow-up was, so they needed more visibility into the deals they were bringing into Zesty.  Zesty sought a cost-effective way to consolidate their partner communication: from manual, multi-channel correspondence (WhatsApp, Zoom, phone calls, and others) to one concise platform.

The Solution

Zesty created an EverAfter hub for every partner, and Zesty’s partners now use their hubs to manage the entire lead referral journey and flow.

Zesty’s Partner-facing EverAfter Hubs

Zesty’s Partner-facing EverAfter Hubs

The reactions we get from our partners are absolutely amazing. They love EverAfter, it’s easy for them to use, instead of emailing and calling they have one place to go, that they understand how to use for their benefit, and it’s extremely helpful.

Matan Alperovitch
Head of Revenue Operations, Zesty

What Zesty’s team loves about EverAfter

HubSpot Integration

Zesty automates their lead & referral approval processes with EverAfter’s HubSpot integration. All lead submissions, referrals and registrations submitted to their EverAfter hub are updated (via automation) and synced with their HubSpot CRM.

HubSpot Integration

Lead Pipeline Management

Zesty and their partners use their EverAfter hubs to share mutual access to partnership referrals, deal status, revenue share information, and more.
Every stage of the deal process in HubSpot is fully visible in the EverAfter hub.

Lead Pipeline Management

To-do & Support requests widgets

Zesty uses multiple widgets in their EverAfter hubs to manage the processes and resources they need most:
- Setting up and managing tasks in To-do widget
- Tracking and updating data with Table & charts widget
- Managing support tickets with Support requests widget

To-do & Support requests widgets

The Result

As soon as Zesty went live with EverAfter, they had their ‘Aha! moment’. In 7 days alone, their EverAfter hubs were up and running, and they started game-changing processes and integrations to start scaling partner relationships.

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