CSM Introduction Script

This template is specifically designed to assist you in introducing yourself as a successful Customer Success Manager (CSM) and highlighting your role as a vital resource for your customers. With this introduction, you can establish a strong foundation for building meaningful relationships with your customers and conveying your commitment to their success. Moreover, it provides an opportunity to showcase the presence of other valuable resources available to them, reinforcing the comprehensive support they can expect from your organization. By utilizing this template for your new relationship manager introduction email, you can effectively communicate your expertise, dedication, and the value you bring as a Customer Success Manager.

Contributed by:
Daphne Costa Lopes

Customer meetings

Daphne is a regional Head of Customer Success for HubSpot. Over the last decade, she helped Start-ups, Scale-Ups and Fortune 500 businesses build and scale global customer success teams to service 150K+ customers and $1.5B+ ARR.

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CSM Introduction Script

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