How to improve your customer onboarding by creating personalized hubs

How to improve your customer onboarding by creating personalized hubsHow to improve your customer onboarding by creating personalized hubs

A customer success manager’s work usually starts when most fairy tales end — taking care of the customers happily ever after.

While this is a key role in every business’s success, as in real-life relationships there will be ups and downs, good days, and bug days (pun intended). This is quite a journey that involves a few figures working hard on making this relationship succeed.

While customer success analytics platforms and in-product engagement tools exist- there was no platform up to this day, designed to empower CSM to put their playbooks into action. Let alone at scale.

So we built a customer hub platform from the ground up. And we called it EverAfter.

“When doing onboarding in complex B2B SaaS you need to be on top of everything and manage things very closely. EverAfter helps us execute this goal exceptionally well. By enabling us to create a personal customer hub, we can share everything with customers easily and adjust the content to suit that specific persona.” — Asaff Zamir, COO, Zencity


Forget all about using an external tool to project-manage your customers’ success plans. Use EverAfter’s prebuilt widgets to collaborate on timelines, KPIs, tasks, meeting agendas, and everything else.
Use the “share materials” widget to upload docs for every customer.
Connect EverAfter to your calendar and to show the upcoming meetings with the client.


Use our native integration with Salesforce to insert content directly into your hubs, then use our user personas to decide which hub to show to each user within each account.

It takes FOREVER to bring together content to share with customers. The power of EverAfter begins when you connect it to the tools you already have. You choose what to show every customer. Show their own KPIs taken from Salesforce, support tickets pulled from Zendesk, upcoming training meetings taken from your calendar, and so much more!


Engage your customer through the hub by adding tasks, uploading docs, commenting on things you’ve shared and more. Get notifications when customers engage with the hub.

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Build your first customer onboarding hub

Your first step as you build your customer onboarding hub will probably be to add the to-dos widget. This will allow you to Set up a detailed onboarding plan to work with customers along with due dates, owners, files, etc.

Your next step would probably be to present the customer with current goals or KPIs, so you can measure their progress against their goals.

You won’t need to manually add the content in. The magic of EverAfter is that data will flow from your CRM automatically allowing each of your clients to see the relevant information for them.

Next up — you would add the onboarding journey timeline which will show the customer the specific stage they’re on.

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How to improve your customer onboarding by creating personalized hubs
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