Create your own
customer hub.

Build gorgeous white-labeled customer-facing portals that bring your playbooks to life.

Finally, the freedom to make the human experience your own.

Add your accounts to EverAfter

Start by importing the accounts you manage into EverAfter. This can be done via a CSV file or by using our SalesForce and Hubspot integrations.

Work your magic and craft your hubs

Drag and drop the widgets that matter, such as task management, Zendesk support tickets, meeting summaries, KPIs, and more!

Set criterias for what content to show different users

With user personas you can determine which hub is shown to each user within each account. For example, champions could see open tasks and release notes, whereas billing users could see invoices.

Publish your hub and monitor engagement

Utilize the analytics feature to find out how your customers consume your content. We'll notify you every time a customer engages and provide cross-hub insights.

Share workspace with your customers for ongoing collaboration

Make the most of your hub by using it for customer meetings,  product release notes, QBRs and all things customer-success.

EverAfter allows us to provide our customers with full visibility in a one-stop-shop. It helps improve communication between our CSMs and their customers, as well as saves us a lot of time as we automate manual processes that used to take us hours every month.”

Noga Sela, Director Of Business Operations,

Designed for your entire customer success team


Operations leaders

CSMs more effective by analyzing all onboarding and ongoing customer playbooks in one place, and ensuring all CRM data is clean and organized.


Customer Success Managers

Build the customer experience on your own and eliminate the time you used to spend on meetings preparation and emails.


Customer marketing leads

Access a tool that gives you major real estate in-product for sharing product updates, educating customers, delighting them, and measuring engagement.


Customer Success Leaders

Increase customer satisfaction and renewal rates by driving effective customer success plays with full visibility into engagement metrics.

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Integrates seamlessly with your tech stack

Whatever you're using to manage your success plays, we integrate with it.

Save 40% of your team’s time


No-code automations

Create smart hubs that update automatically based on your CRM fields 


Born ready for customer meetings

Put your hub at the center of customer meetings by using presentation mode. 


Hand over accounts in a jiffy

Instead of looking at scattered documentation, hand over CSM accounts using the hub's info.

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We take your data security very seriously

Our SOC 2 Type 2 report attests to the security controls we have in place as they map to trust service principles established by the american institute of certified public accountants (AICPA)

Ready for your happily EverAfter?

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