Top Customer Success Email Templates To Make Your Customer Relationships Stronger

Top Customer Success Email Templates To Make Your Customer Relationships StrongerTop Customer Success Email Templates To Make Your Customer Relationships Stronger

Effective communication over email is a critical part of any Customer Success Manager's role. It requires not only writing clear and concise messages but also being able to strike the right tone, establish rapport, and convey the value of your product or service. In today's fast-paced business environment, where people have limited time, it's essential to craft emails that capture their attention and get your point across quickly.

However, writing effective emails can be a daunting task. You might struggle to find the right words, worry about sounding too pushy or impersonal, or simply not know where to start. That's where our six Customer Success email templates come in. They provide a framework for crafting emails that are both effective and easy to write.

By using these templates, you can save time and focus on other critical tasks, such as building relationships with customers, addressing their concerns, and providing excellent service. You'll be able to sleep better at night knowing that you're sending emails that are well-crafted and targeted to your customers' needs


✍️ Sales to customer success handoff email template

It's time to start building relationships! Customer onboarding is the best opportunity to create a great first impression, that lasts. If it can be personalized - this is a huge win.

Each new customer is eager to make the most of their investment. At this stage, the foremost question in their mind is, “What’s next?” 
As a CSM, it’s your job to make this critical transition easy and engaging for them. This is a good time as any to build rapport and earn customer trust. 

Here’s an email template to help you pull that off.

Informal version:

Hi [Customer Name],
Nice to meet you! I’m [CSM Name] and I’ll be your Success Manager here at [Company Name]. 

Here's a little bit about me:

I've been working in this field for several years now and am passionate about helping our customers achieve their goals. I'm looking forward to working with you and your team to ensure that you're getting the most out of our product.

When I'm not working, you can usually find me hiking in the mountains or trying out new recipes in the kitchen. I'm also a proud dog mom to a lively German Shepherd named Max and love spending time with my family and friends.

Here's me congratulating you on starting to use our product: 

You and I are about to embark on a wonderful journey together ;) As [Sales Rep Name] mentioned, it’s my job to make sure you’re staying ahead of the curve on all things related to [Product Name].

To kick things off, would you like to hop on a short onboarding call with me to help you get settled? You can schedule a meeting by going to this link: [your scheduling link]

Be seeing you!


[CSM Name]

Formal Version:

Hi [Customer Name]
I hope you’re well. I’m [CSM Name], your official Success Manager here at [Company Name] and I’ll be your main point of contact moving forward. As [Sales Rep Name] mentioned, it’s my job to make sure you’re hitting all your goals with [Product Name]
To get things rolling, I’d like to schedule an onboarding kickoff call at your earliest convenience. You can schedule a meeting by going to this link: [your scheduling link].

Looking forward to helping you reach your goals!


[CSM Name] 
Download template

✍️ “Checking in” email

So, a customer hasn’t engaged or interacted with you for a while. Does this mean they're unhappy with your product? Are they feeling stuck but are afraid to ask for help? Or are they just busy and consumed with other matters?  It’s your job to make sure your customer is satisfied with their decision to choose your brand. Sending a “checking in” email is a good way to do that. An effective check-in email not only asks the customer how they are doing, but also shows them that you are fully aware of their current condition. In order to get them interested in discussing with you, you'll need to watch out for product signals, as well as any insights you can share with them. 

You can use this “checking in” email template, for starters:

High-touch product:

Hi [Customer Name],

How are you doing? We noticed that you haven't logged into the product recently. I actually have a few recommendations based on a quick analysis I’ve made, for features that will help you get the most out of the product and help you achieve your KPIs. 

I'd be delighted to set up a call with you and share those insights.

Here are some suggestions I'd love to discuss:




As always, If you need help with something, anything at all. don’t hesitate to ask. I’m just an email away!

Catch you soon,

[CSM Name]

Low-touch product 

Hi [Customer Name],

I hope you’re having a great week! I’m checking in to ask if [Product Name] is meeting your needs and expectations so far.

 As a reminder, you can visit our Knowledge Base [insert Knowledge Base link here] to find more information about our product and company at any time.

If you have any questions or concerns about [Product Name], I’d be delighted to provide some assistance. Feel free to send me an email and I’ll respond as soon as I can.


[CSM Name]

Download template

Protip: Just like with the handoff email, this is a good time to step up your personalization game. If a customer has been missing in action for a while, why not tell them you miss them? A “missing you” animation GIF marks the spot.

✍️ Escalation email

Even with your best intentions, you can’t please customers all the time. CSMs are humans. They make mistakes like everybody else. But as a CSM, you need to be accountable for your (or your company’s) mistakes if you want to create long-lasting customer relationships.

Saying ‘sorry’ is always a good first step in appeasing frustrated customers. But if you want to turn a bad situation into something positive, you can go a long way by addressing the customer’s problem and making sure it doesn’t happen again. 

Informal Version:

Hi [Customer Name],

I am sorry to hear that [insert problem here]. I understand why this is frustrating for you. Just so you know, I already reached out to our product team. After much discussion, we’ve realized our mistake and you may rest easy that we’re doing everything we can to make things right as quickly as possible.

Here’s what we’re doing to fix the issue: [insert proposed resolution here].

I’ll get back to you as soon as I get word from our product team.
Thank you for your patience,

[CSM Name]

Formal Version:

Hi [Customer Name],

I sincerely apologize for the [insert problem here]. I understand why this is a frustrating experience for you. 

I’ve already relayed this issue to our product team. After much discussion, we’ve realized our mistake and you may rest assured that we’re doing everything within our capacity to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Here’s what we’re doing to address the problem: [insert proposed resolution here].

I’ll get back to you as soon as I receive an update from our product team.

Thank you for your patience,

[CSM Name]


Download template

✍️ Invite to webinar

Hosting webinars not only allows you to deliver more value to your customers, but also paves the way for more cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

To make your emails persuasive, make sure you highlight your customers’ struggles. And then tell them that your webinar will provide valuable insights that will help them overcome those exact pain points.

Here’s a template you can use to get your customers to attend your company’s live webinar:

Informal Version:

Hi [Customer Name],

Want to [customer desire] but not sure how? Join us for an exclusive webinar on [webinar topic] this [day the event will be held] at [exact time]. 

In this webinar, we dig into [customer pain point/s] and how you can [customer’s desired outcome]. 

Spots are limited so sign up now [insert link] to save a seat!

Hope to see you there!


[CSM Name]

Formal Version:

Hi [First Name],

Do you need help [insert customer pain point]?

Join us for a live webinar on [webinar topic] this [exact date] at [exact time].

In this webinar, we explore strategies for addressing  [customer pain point/s] and how you can [customer’s desired outcome] 

The webinar is free, but spots are limited. To reserve a seat, please register here [insert link].

We look forward to seeing you!

Best Regards,

[CSM Name]

Download template

Protip: You can tap into FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) to increase your customers' likelihood to register for the webinar. The scarcity principle is particularly effective in this instance because webinars carry an air of exclusivity around them. As you can see from our template, we included the phrase “spots are limited” and the word “exclusive” to convey scarcity in the email.


✍️ Connection to the product team that wants to get feedback

To keep customers happy and loyal over the long term, your product team needs to constantly make the right improvements to your product. Without a steady stream of customer feedback, they won’t be able to do that. As a CSM, you’re in a great position to ask for customer feedback. Some cases call for relaying that information to the product management team afterward, while other cases call for introducing your customer to the relevant product manager. 

Sharing feedback directly with CSM

Hi [Customer Name],

How do you like our [Product Name] so far? We’d like to hear about it! Your feedback will help us figure out what we need to improve to serve you better.

If you can, please take a moment to fill out our survey. Shouldn’t take longer than [number of minutes needed]



[CSM Name]

Introducing the Product Manager 

Hi [Customer name],

Thank you for using [product/service name] to [product benefits]. We hope you’re enjoying your experience with us.  We’re always working to make sure [product name] is exceeding your expectations.

To help us make the right improvements to [Product Name] we wanted to ask if you can spare a few minutes to leave us an honest feedback. Your thoughts on our product will help us determine how we can serve you better.
If you’re in - I’d love to introduce you to [product manager name] who will schedule a call with you and listen to everything you’ve got to share with us. 

Thank you!


[CSM Name]

Download template

Here's a nice creative example from AppsFlyer's in-product customer survey:

✍️ Renewal email

If you’re offering a subscription service, you need to send a renewal email to customers whose subscription is about to end or renew. Not only because it’s an act of goodwill, but because it offers you a good opportunity to remind them (subtly, of course) why they should maintain their relationship with your brand.

Here’s an email template you can use.

Informal version

Hi [Customer Name],

Can you believe that it’s been a year since you’ve become a [Company Name] member/subscriber? We hope you’ve enjoyed your experience with us over the last 12 months!

Here’s a heads up, though: your annual subscription is coming to an end on [subscription end date].

With that said, we hope you’ll choose to join us again for another year. We have a lot in store for you in the coming months and you don’t want to miss it! 

To renew your subscription with us, just click on the button below and [enter the required steps].

Looking forward to having you back!

Talk soon, 

[CSM Name]

Formal Version:

Hi [Customer Name],

I hope all is well with you and that you continue to enjoy your experience with us.
I’d like to bring to your attention that your annual subscription is expiring on [subscription end date].

If you’d like to renew your subscription with us, just click on the button below and [enter the required steps]. 

I look forward to having you on board again!

Creating templates to be reused by your other team members can be a nice step in developing your career and growth besides the day to day work.

Share them with your team members to win extra points!

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