Introducing, Customer Success GIF Maker

Tom Shelly Dec 09, 2021

The first-ever CSM GIF Maker is now available. You can now send your customers a personalized GIF within seconds to celebrate major occasions with them.

With the GIF Maker, you can record 5 seconds of video, easily convert it into a GIF, and email it directly to your customer. In addition, we included a few celebratory layouts to make it even more personal.

How does it work?

 It's so simple! Once inside the tool. You’ll be asked to choose the GIF type. Each type includes a different layout that you can use depending on the event you’re celebrating with your customer.

Then, you’ll want to upload the company logo, so that the GIF would look branded.

Lasly, we encourage you to add a personal greeting. This could be something along the lines of: “So happy for you James!”, or: “Congrats Julie, you deserve it!”.

Then - your 5 seconds of fame are coming. That’s your moment to hit the record button and shoot your 5 seconds GIF. 

Once your GIF is ready, you can either re-take it or send it to your email. 

We’ll then be sending over the GIF so you can forward the email to the relevant customer.

Easy, right?

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