Why personalizing customer onboarding matters

Tom Shelly
March 7, 2021

Onboarding is the first actual interaction you have with a customer after they sign up.

This is a very crucial stage not just to the customer’s success but also to the entire life cycle of the customer and it is literally the barometer moving forward for the long-term relationship between your brand and your customers”.

Eran emphasizes the importance of personalizing your customer experience. “Companies think that personalization is relevant only for those high-touch accounts, as it requires time and resources. The truth is that it doesn’t. If you segment your customers properly and define what onboarding looks like for each of those segments, then I’d say you’re 90% there. The difference between showing all customers the same onboarding journey, same KPIs, same self-taught content vs. really nail down what content fits that customer can often determine whether or not that customer becomes an advocate”.

We asked Eran to elaborate on the concept of ‘successful onboarding builds advocates’.

“Here’s my take. Without goals, you might not know what the customer expects from an onboarding program.By setting the goals ahead of time, you are making it easier for your client to understand what happens next. Eventually, as they reach their goals at the end of onboarding, you will build customer evangelism”.

At the end of his words, he also mentions a valuable point on planting the seeds for a successful renewal.

“I think that often, organizations try to achieve too many goals, prove too many use cases, with their client.And that often leads to a very long onboarding process and frustrations from the customer side. It happens with products that offer lots of value, but in order to utilize each one you need to configure certain integrations and go through dev and other internal resources, and that takes time”, says Fishov when asked about the most common mistake companies make with onboarding.“I would tell them to simplify their success plan and focus on one use case at a time. You’ll be surprised how quickly an enterprise account can move once you’ve already shown them the value in the beginning”.

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