Mastering Customer Actions: 5 Key Insights from Pulse 2023 Talk

Mastering Customer Actions: 5 Key Insights from Pulse 2023 TalkMastering Customer Actions: 5 Key Insights from Pulse 2023 Talk

As leaders in Customer Success, our primary objective is to ensure the enduring success and growth of our customers. Every metric we employ—NRR, TTV, Retention—serves as a testament to this unwavering commitment. However, a pivotal realization underscores our approach: the outcomes we aspire to achieve are not under our direct control; rather, they are intricately tied to the actions our customers choose to take.

The success of an onboarding process, the execution of a success plan, and the decision to embark on expansion ventures—all hinge on the actions of our customers.

This blog breaks down five key takeaways that capture the essence of Shachar Avrahami talk at Pulse 2023. It's a total mind shift from seeing action as a short-term mission to a strategic move.
P.S. There's a handy cheat sheet awaiting you at the conclusion.

#1 Our business goals aren't exclusively ours

Customer actions
Customer actions

We're all about those crucial metrics—time to value, retention, expansion, and the ARR to CSM blend. Everyone's got their own playlist, aiming high with ambitious business goals—like slashing churn rates and hitting a net retention rate of one hundred and twenty-five percent. 

Yet, here's the eye-opener: these business goals are not exclusively ours.

They're a group effort where our success intertwines with our customers'. To hit those high notes, our customers must engage in specific actions. Whether it's the seamless execution of onboarding processes, the seamless implementation of success plans, or the proactive pursuit of expansions, customer success is an active journey. The realization dawns that our success as CS leaders is intricately tied to the actions our customers take. In essence, achieving our business goals is a collaborative dance where our customers are the lead performers.

#2 Focus on your customer actions 

So, here's the lowdown: for the achievement of our business goals, customers play a pivotal role in scoring their victories. It sounds straightforward – they need to do stuff. But here's the twist: the secret sauce lies in how we structure their journey. Nailing this is the sweet spot that propels us on the express lane to reaching our business goals.

When referring to "customer actions," we're talking about the things we need our customers to do. It spans a spectrum – from sharing their goals for a more tailored experience to integrating our system with their tech stack or training their team. We're on a strategic mission to prompt our customers into action.

Your strategic mission is to make your customer take action.

Let's be real – in a world where customers are juggling a dozen apps a day, capturing their attention is no walk in the park. It's akin to convincing them to spare just five minutes of their precious time. In this attention economy, making every one of those five minutes count becomes imperative.

Tech stack
Tech stack

#3 Do you have a customer-led journey? 

Imagine hiking a mountain, a journey full of possibilities with countless paths to start and end. There's no one-size-fits-all approach; individuals choose their unique routes based on their experience, preferences, and daily decisions. This dynamic journey is shaped by personal expectations, making each day on the mountain different from the last.

In the early stages, especially for those less experienced, guidance is invaluable. This mirrors the traditional Customer Success (CS) journey, where the Customer Success Manager (CSM) serves as the guide, providing instructions for each step.

However, in the current landscape of 2023, simplicity, flexibility, and constant accessibility are expected. Relying solely on the CSM or the organization can lead to frustration, hindering customers from taking necessary actions. It's time to shift towards a customer-led journey, one that responds to their expectations and empowers them with autonomy.

#4 Scaling the friction mountain: Tailored strategies for varied tasks

Alright, let's talk about motivation – the fuel that drives action. When faced with tasks, we all know that some are more enticing than others. If it's a drag, chances are we'd rather avoid it. That's where the concept of a "friction mountain" kicks in. Imagine it as the hump in the road – if motivation isn't high, customers might struggle to get over it.

Our mission? Boost that motivation and smooth out any bumps along the way. Take a cue from Apple – they're masters at it. When they drop a new iPhone, they don't just tell you it's awesome; they show you why it's a game-changer. And they make the whole process a cakewalk, from easy pickups to delightful in-store experiences.

Now, we might not have a fancy store, but we've got something just as powerful: user experience tactics. It might sound a bit techy, but trust me, it's all about making things easy and enjoyable for our customers. Our goal is to turn potential roadblocks into a scenic route, ensuring that every interaction is smooth sailing.

The friction mountain
The friction mountain

#5 UX/UI for your customer journey 

In the world of user experience (UX/UI), there are five game-changing elements to unveil, each grounded in extensive research. 

Now, let's take a brief tour to translate these proven UX/UI gems—likely already embedded in your product—into the fabric of your customer-facing success initiatives. These subtle yet impactful elements can be the spark that elevates your customer journey, adding that touch of brilliance that makes all the difference.

Sequencing Magic: Keep It Simple

  • Experiment: Trim down task plans to the essentials—focus on the top five.
  • Result: Customers got started 16% faster with a short and sweet plan.
  • Additional Insight: By breaking down complex tasks into bite-sized pieces, you're making it easier for customers to take action.
Sequencing Magic: Keep It Simple

The Progress Effect: Show Some Progress

  • Experiment: Use progress bars or checkboxes to give a visual sense of accomplishment.
  • Result: Customers completed tasks 12% faster when they saw progress. 
  • Additional Insight: Whether real or artificial, progress motivates. Highlight completed tasks to keep the momentum going.
The Progress Effect: Show Some Progress

IKEA Effect: Make It Their Project

  • Tip: Let customers define project timelines for that feeling of ownership.
  • Additional Insight: The commitment customers make, even if it's just setting a date, increases their sense of responsibility.
IKEA Effect: Make It Their Project

Familiar Faces Boost Engagement

  • Experiment: Introduce familiar faces, like virtual CSMs, in emails or communications.
  • Result: Tasks with familiar faces led to a whopping 90% improvement in completion time.
  • Additional Insight: Incorporate videos or visuals to create a connection, especially in low-touch segments.
Familiar Faces Boost Engagement

Crafting a Pleasant Atmosphere: Keep It Positive

  • Experiment: Use visually appealing and clear content for emails, templates, and interfaces.
  • Result: A friendly video intro made customers kick off tasks 19% faster.
  • Additional Insight: Visuals matter. Review all customer-facing content and make sure it's not just informative but visually engaging.
Keep It Positive

As we wrap up, let's revisit the core of our mission from Shachar talk on Pulse 2023: Customer outcomes. It goes beyond our internal objectives; it's about propelling customers toward their unique achievements. The strategic moves to guide them aren't just tactical; they form the heartbeat of a customer-centric approach.

Creating seamless journeys requires us to dismantle frictions and boost motivation. Rooted in user experience elements, we can turn routine interactions into enchanting experiences. Importantly, you don't need a UX PhD; success lies in simplicity, progress markers, and a touch of familiarity.

Our journey extends beyond the app; it includes websites, resources, and every touchpoint. Clarity, appeal, and a hint of humor pave the way for success.

As you refine the customer journey, remember customers are dynamic entities, constantly evolving. Your approach should mirror this dynamism in an ongoing dance of adaptation and customer-centricity.


In Customer Success, a B2B Customer Interface isn't merely a portal—it's your backstage pass to crafting effortless experiences, simplifying onboarding, and executing success plans. It transcends being a tool; it's a design philosophy, infusing simplicity, progress markers, and familiarity into the customer journey.

Start with the small steps you can implement today, thanks to this cheat sheet shared with the audiance at Pulse 2023, transforming each customer interaction into a delightful and impactful moment. For your convenience, you can always listen to his lecture directly accompanied by his talk presentation. And, may your customer journeys remain not just stylish but truly unforgettable.

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