EverAfter’s Help Center: Your “How to” fairytale starts here

EverAfter’s Help Center: Your “How to” fairytale starts hereEverAfter’s Help Center: Your “How to” fairytale starts here

From the EverAfter user’s point of view, our Help Center is here to give you full control over to perform any action in EverAfter; 

  • Build kits
  • Share personalized hubs with customers
  • Configure integrations
  • Get the most out of customer hub widgets

What do we expect to achieve with the upgraded Help Center?

The benefits of a customer experience that allows users to take a SaaS product into their own hands and apply it to their personal use-cases while still leveraging every feature — are endless. 

This is exactly our goal with the newly upgraded Help Center. The royal essence of the EverAfter customer kingdom is to deliver quicker time-to-value, shorten onboarding time, and ultimately reach their desired outcome — in ways that only seemed possible with magic. The Help Center is what makes that possible.

When EverAfter users can spend less time opening support tickets and waiting for response time, our own wishes have been granted. We can now solidify this time shortening process by: 

  • Step 1: Uncovering areas that our users find challenging
  • Step 2: Improve the content (and product, of course) as a result
  • Step 3: Empower our own internal team members in the process, to make the results they produce more and more helpful for our users


How can our users access the Help Center? Let us count the ways...

Explore using the search bar or the navigation menu

1. Access and open it from your profile

Click on your avatar, and you're halfway there

2. Use the search widget that connects to the Help Center

In addition, on our own onboarding hub for our customers, they can use the Search widget that is connected to the knowledge center.
P.S., are you an EverAfter customer? If so, you can also use the hub's Search widget to link to your own (external)knowledge base.

Why are we investing in product education?

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for the rest of his life.”

So that our customers can take the lead

As a product-led company, EverAfter allows users to sign up on their own, no need for hand-holding nor for a long sales process. We believe that to make this happen successfully and manage the growth, educating our customers as efficiently as possible is a rule of thumb. 

After all, many customers, especially millennials, prefer independent learning which they can accomplish through a clear understanding of the product.

So that we can deliver better, and faster

The less time we spend managing support tickets, the more time we can spend listening to user feedback and improving our product based on their pain points. The more time we save on hand-holding, the more we can dedicate our resources to upgrades, more features, and an overall better customer experience.

So that we can establish our voice & tone — showing what EverAfter is all about

We strongly believe in transparent, seamless communication with our users, which is why voice and tone is so important to us as an organization. The more elaborate and accessible our knowledge resources are, the more users can be confident in their work with us.


What should EverAfter customers expect of our future education efforts?

EverAfter Academy

We’re working on an EverAfter academy! This robust learning resource will allow our customers to be certified EverAfter users, with access to video content, office hours, and webinars galore.

For now, get cracking on our upgraded Help Center and let the knowledge fairytales begin!

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EverAfter’s Help Center: Your “How to” fairytale starts here
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