Tech Touch Strategy

Tech-touch Customer Success is a scalable and proactive approach that leverages technology and automation to deliver a personalized experience without requiring extensive direct human interaction. It is an ideal strategy for companies that need to efficiently support a large number of customers, improve customer retention, and increase revenue growth.


Unlike high-touch models, tech-touch relies on targeted and intentional interactions with customers, which are facilitated by digital tools such as customer experience portals, chatbots, automated emails, webinars, and more.

Today, a successful customer success strategy incorporates tech-touch at all segments and account levels. By combining tech-touch strategy with high-touch interactions, companies can streamline specific touchpoints, improve efficiency, and enhance the overall customer experience with higher Net Revenue Retention (NRR) accounts. This hybrid approach offers a more scalable and effective way to support high-value accounts, driving growth and differentiation in today's market.

Through the implementation of a customer experience portal, customers become self-sufficient and are able to achieve their expected ROI, regardless of whether they are hand-held by a Customer Success Manager (CSM). From the other end, the customer success team can focus on providing value and building relationships with high Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) accounts.

Steps to implement a customer success tech touch:

  1. Define your goals: Identify the key objectives of your tech touch strategy, such as increasing product usage, improving customer satisfaction, or reducing churn.
  2. Identify customer journey touchpoints: Group customers based on characteristics such as segment, usage frequency, customer size, or industry. This will help you tailor your tech touch approach to meet their specific needs. Define touchpoints to automate and ensure they provide value and address customer pain points.
  3. Automate the process: Use CS automation tools to deliver tech touchpoints at scale, such as customer experience portals, emails, chatbots, in-app messages or customer success software. This saves time and resources while providing a personalized experience for customers.
  4. Analyze and optimize: Measure the effectiveness of your tech touch strategy and continuously optimize it to improve customer engagement and achieve your goals. Use data analytics to gain insights into customer behavior and preferences and adjust your approach accordingly.

Tech-Touch Tools

Although a low touch customer success approach leverages technology and automation, it doesn't mean that the quality of service should be compromised. To ensure a successful tech touch strategy, it's crucial to emphasize personalization wherever possible. By using digital tools to provide targeted and intentional interactions with customers, businesses can create a personalized experience that delivers value. This approach not only increases customer satisfaction but also leads to higher retention rates and revenue growth.

To achieve this, customer success technology is crucial for creating a scalable and personalized tech touch strategy. This includes a range of software solutions and tools, such as customer experience portals powered by EverAfter, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, customer analytics platforms, and customer engagement software. These tools enable businesses to gain a deeper understanding of their customers' needs and behaviors, and to provide a more personalized and effective customer experience.


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