Watch customer engagement soar with Word Wand, GPT-powered CS content creator.

Watch customer engagement soar with Word Wand, GPT-powered CS content creator. Watch customer engagement soar with Word Wand, GPT-powered CS content creator.

In today's fast-paced business environment, CSMs are facing increased pressure to manage growing customer bases and expanding responsibilities with limited resources. In addition to their ever-increasing responsibilities, they're faced with the constant challenge of communicating effectively with clients in order to meet their high retention & relationship KPIs. This creates a capacity-headcount loop that demands creative solutions.

Today we’re super excited to announce the release Word Wand,  a GPT-based content creation tool that helps CSMs create high-quality content quickly and easily.

With Word Wand, CSMs can focus on what truly matters - building strong, personal relationships with their customers. By reducing the time and effort spent on content creation, CSMs can spend more time on the high-value tasks that drive success. In the following sections, we'll delve into the details of what Word Wand can do and how it can help you achieve your customer success goals.

Why we built Word Wand

EverAfter has revolutionized the way customer success teams share personalized customer hubs with their customers throughout the lifecycle. With our drag-and-drop, no-code widgets, teams can easily create and share task plans, align on goals, meeting notes and summaries, resources, product updates, and more. However, even with these tools, writing the actual content for customer emails, webinars, product releases, and customer education can still be tedious and time-consuming.

The reality is that CSMs spend a significant amount of time on content creation, with 60-70% of that time spent on styling and phrasing the content, and only 30-40% on the core outline. We wanted to support this effort and help CSMs focus on what really matters - engaging with their customers and building strong relationships.

That's why we developed Word Wand, an AI-powered customer content creator that streamlines the content creation process. With Word Wand, CSMs can generate compelling content quickly and easily, and then share it directly with their customers through the EverAfter hub or over email. By providing contextual suggestions based on key activities performed on the EverAfter hub, Word Wand helps CSMs consistently engage with their customers and deliver a personalized experience.

How does it work?

We conducted research into the day-to-day operations of CSMs to identify where they spend the most time on content creation.

Based on our findings, we added the Word Wand icon to selected actions and areas within the platform where it would have the greatest impact.

For example, if you have an upcoming webinar that you want to invite your customers to, you can use a free-style widget, write in short bullet points the content, and let Word Wand 🪄 suggest a copy. The platform allows you to adjust the created content until you are happy with the results, and then seamlessly replace the text on your widgets, comments, or tasks.

In addition to webinar invites, Word Wand 🪄 can also assist with writing customer emails, developing success plans, drafting webinar promotions, sharing product updates, creating personalized customer recommendations, and preparing product academy courses. You can choose the voice and tone, length, and more to make sure you address your customers in the right manner.

After adding the desired content, you can choose on of the suggested content and add it to the freestyle widget

How to streamline high-touch customer interactions with Word Wand

High touch customers require a lot of time and attention from CSMs to maintain strong relationships and ensure success. But, with the integration of Word Wand, managing high touch customers can become more efficient and less time-consuming.

Meetings Management Assistant One of the key areas where Word Wand can help with high touch customers is in meetings management. Instead of manually drafting meeting summaries and extracting action items, Word Wand can automate these tasks for you. Simply write a summary of what was discussed and the action items from the meeting, and Word Wand will suggest an email summary to send to the participants. Additionally, Word Wand can extract action items from the meeting notes and create designated tasks for you to follow up on.

Suggesting Replies to Customer Comments Another area where Word Wand can help is in managing customer comments. As a CSM, you already manage comment threads with your customers, but writing replies can take time and effort. With Word Wand, you can now get suggested replies to customer comments based on the previous thread, allowing you to respond more efficiently and quickly.

In this example: a customer is commenting on the "resources" widget asking the CSM to send over materials.
UsingWord Wand, the tool will suggest a reply taking into consideration the previous comment made by the customer.
You can see here the end result - the personalized message created by Word Wand within 5 seconds.

The true value of a CSM lies in their ability to understand their customer goals and deliver personalized experiences and recommendations around that. That's why it's crucial that they invest their time and energy in these areas, rather than spending 60-70% of their time on styling and phrasing.

How to use Word Wand for low/digital touch customers

Low touch customer interactions often require a lot of automation to create a personalized experience for each individual customer. The EverAfter hub already allows you to share the right content with each customer, and now, with the help of Word Wand 🪄, you can take things a step further. Word Wand 🪄 can generate automated messages that feel personal, taking into consideration key factors such as milestones, completed tasks, and focus for the upcoming week.

One key aspect of building a successful low/no touch customer segment is to create a sense of personalization. By leveraging the right tools and platforms, you can ensure that each customer receives the tailored and relevant content they need to succeed.

This is where Word Wand comes in. With its ability to generate automated messages that feel personal, it takes key factors such as milestones, completed tasks, and focus of the upcoming week into consideration. When customers enter their hub, they will receive a message that is always up-to-date and relevant to their progress.

By providing a "personal" virtual CSM, a human face with a specific message even if it was created automatically, you can give your customers the "white-glove" treatment that feels like high touch. When your customers feel like their messages are personalized, they become more accountable and take actions that drive success.


In conclusion, Word Wand 🪄 can bring numerous benefits to your customer success strategy. Not only is it a free addition if you're using EverAfter, but it also allows you to save valuable time by freeing up 60-70% of the time spent on styling and phrasing. You can now focus on delivering the core message, without having to rely on your busy marketing team.

Additionally, Word Wand 🪄 offers automated and contextual content that is personalized for your customer base, bringing a new level of engagement and accountability. Consider all the points mentioned in this article, from the importance of low and high touch, to the benefits and capacities, and see how Word Wand 🪄 can enhance your customer success efforts.

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Watch customer engagement soar with Word Wand, GPT-powered CS content creator.
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