Top 11 Sales Enablement Tools and How to Choose What’s Right for You in 2024

Top 11 Sales Enablement Tools and How to Choose What’s Right for You in 2024Top 11 Sales Enablement Tools and How to Choose What’s Right for You in 2024


Highspot offers advanced content management and customer engagement tools, making it a standout choice for sales enablement. It allows teams to organize, find, and optimize content, ensuring that the right material is always at hand.

In 2024, Highspot stands out due to its enhanced AI-driven content management system. Recent updates have significantly improved its analytics capabilities, providing deeper insights into customer engagement, aligning perfectly with the increasing emphasis on data-driven sales strategies.

Notable Users include: Siemens, Lanovo, DocuSign. 

Notable features:

  • Advanced content search and recommendations.
  • AI-driven analytics for content performance.
  • Integration capabilities with major CRM and email platforms.

Why It's on the List: Its innovative approach to content engagement and AI-driven analytics make it indispensable for sales teams seeking to enhance their content strategy.

Sales Wins: By providing real-time insights and analytics, Highspot helps teams to tailor their approach, leading to more effective engagement and increased sales conversions.



Showpad combines content management with sales training features. It not only enables sales teams to share relevant content with prospects but also trains them to maximize the impact of their interactions.

Showpad's integration of immersive technologies like AR/VR in sales training, a trend that's gaining momentum in 2024, sets it apart. This feature provides an interactive and engaging learning experience for sales teams.

Notable Users include: GE Healthcare, Fojifilm, Kimberly-Klark. 

Notable features:

  • Interactive coaching and training modules.
  • Content personalization and recommendation engine.
  • Detailed analytics and reporting on content engagement.

Why It's on the List: Its dual focus on content and training makes it a holistic tool for sales enablement, addressing multiple facets of the sales process.

Sales Wins: Enhanced sales team knowledge and effective content delivery directly translate to improved sales performance and customer satisfaction.


Crayon specializes in providing detailed market and competitor insights, helping sales teams to strategize effectively and stay ahead of market trends.

Crayon's market and competitive intelligence platforms are increasingly vital in 2024, especially with the growing need for real-time market data and competitor analysis in rapidly evolving sales landscapes. Their recent enhancements in AI-driven insights position them as a top tool for staying ahead in competitive markets.

Notable Users include: HubSpot, Dropbox, and Gong.

Notable features:

  • Comprehensive market and competitor intelligence.
  • Real-time alerts on competitor activities.
  • AI-driven insights and analytics for market trends.

Sales Wins: Offers a competitive edge through real-time market data, enabling sales teams to make informed and strategic decisions.


Walnut provides a unique platform for creating fully customizable and interactive sales demos, enhancing the sales process with a focus on personalization.

In an era where personalized sales experiences are key, Walnut's platform for creating customizable sales demos is particularly relevant. Their 2024 updates focusing on interactive and personalized demos align perfectly with the trend towards tailored customer experiences.

Notable Users include: Adobe, Cato Networks, and NetApp.

Notable features:

  • Creation of interactive and personalized sales demos.
  • No-code platform for easy demo customization.
  • Analytics to track engagement and performance of demos.

Sales Wins: Enables the creation of engaging, personalized demos, leading to higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction.


MindTickle specializes in sales readiness and training, offering a platform that elevates the knowledge and skills of sales teams.

MindTickle has recently expanded its online training modules, reflecting the 2024 trend towards remote and digital-first sales training, making it a more relevant choice for globally dispersed teams.

Notable Users include:  LinkedIn, Octa, Cisco. 

Notable features:

  • Gamified learning experiences for sales training.
  • Real-time readiness dashboards.
  • Role-specific onboarding paths and micro-learning modules

Why It's on the List: MindTickle's focus on training and development ensures that sales teams are equipped with the latest skills and knowledge.

Sales Wins: Well-trained sales teams are more effective in their outreach and engagement, leading to higher conversion rates and successful deals.


ClearSlide is designed to make sales presentations more engaging. It offers a suite of features that enhance the way sales professionals present to and interact with clients.

In response to the 2024 trend of virtual sales meetings, ClearSlide has enhanced its presentation tools with advanced virtual engagement features, making presentations more interactive and effective.

  • Notable Users include: The Economist, LexisNexis, WGSN
  • Notable features:
  • Integrated content library for easy access during presentations.
  • Engagement analytics for understanding customer interactions.
  • Live pitch and meeting capabilities with recording options.
  • Why It's on the List: ClearSlide's focus on presentation delivery sets it apart, addressing a crucial aspect of the sales process.
  • Sales Wins: Effective presentations are key to persuading clients, and ClearSlide's tools help in delivering impactful and memorable presentations. provides conversation intelligence and sales insights by analyzing sales calls and meetings. It helps sales teams understand what works and what doesn't in customer interactions.'s recent advancements in conversational AI and machine learning make it an essential tool for 2024, providing even more nuanced and actionable insights into sales conversations.

  • Notable Users include: LinkedIn, Shopify, and Slack 
  • Notable features:
  • Real-time conversation intelligence.
  • AI-driven insights for sales calls and meetings.
  • Deal tracking and risk identification.
  • Why It's on the List: Its AI-driven insights into sales conversations are unique, offering valuable data to refine sales strategies.
  • Sales Wins: By identifying successful sales tactics and areas for improvement, helps teams enhance their sales approach, leading to more closed deals.

{{cta-scale-2}} specializes in empowering companies to create a shared interface with their audience from the first demo all the way to renewal. By using the software, companies get complete alignment with your buyers by creating a hyper-tailored buyer experience throughout your entire sales process.'s focus on enhancing user experience aligns with 2024's customer-centric market trends, offering personalized customer portals that foster stronger relationships and customer loyalty.

Notable Users include:, Salesloft, Spryker. 

Notable features:

  • No-code buyer interface builder
  • Suggest targeted upsell offerings 
  • Automation and personalization to present the right case studies and marketing materials to the right buyers.

Why It's on the List: Its focus on customer relationship management through a personalized customer portal is innovative and effective.

Sales Wins: Strong customer relationships lead to repeat sales and referrals, which are key to long-term business success.


SalesLoft provides tools for sales engagement and communication, streamlining the process of outreach and follow-up.

SalesLoft's 2024 enhancements in AI-driven communication personalization make it a top choice, adapting to the increasing demand for personalized customer interactions in the sales process.

Notable Users include: IBM, Shopify, 3M.

Notable features:

  • Automated sales cadence and communication.
  • Email and call tracking with analytics.
  • AI-driven suggestions for improving sales interactions.

Why It's on the List: Its focus on enhancing communication with prospects and customers makes it essential for efficient sales processes.

Sales Wins: Improved communication leads to better relationships and trust with clients, increasing the likelihood of successful sales.


CloudShare provides hands-on virtual training with options for both instructor-led and self-paced learning. It simplifies the setup of training environments, suitable for both team education and product demonstrations to prospects. Sales teams can create sales demo environments to present software in an operational context, helping prospects understand the product's benefits in real-world scenarios.

Notable Users include: Atlassian, Salesforce, Deltek.

Notable features:

  • Real-time analytics
  • In-app video
  • Virtual training
  • Customizable demo environments

Why It's on the List: CloudShare's comprehensive tools support effective product demonstrations and training, essential for sales enablement.

Sales Wins: Hands-on demos in sandbox environments help prospects evaluate the product, leading to better engagement and sales success.


Lucidchart is a tool for creating and managing visual sales assets. It enables sales teams to create clear, engaging diagrams and presentations. Lucidchart's recent focus on collaborative and cloud-based design tools is particularly relevant for 2024, catering to the growing need for remote collaboration in creating and sharing sales materials.

Notable Users include: Google, Ford, and NASA

Notable features:

  • Collaborative diagramming and visual workspace.
  • Templates for sales processes and strategies.
  • Integration with various business tools for seamless workflow.

Why It's on the List: Its ability to create visually appealing and informative sales materials sets it apart in the realm of sales enablement.

Sales Wins: Visual aids can significantly enhance the effectiveness of sales pitches and presentations, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.

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