SaaS Onboarding Software: How to Guide Your Customers

SaaS Onboarding Software: How to Guide Your CustomersSaaS Onboarding Software: How to Guide Your Customers

SaaS onboarding software helps new users set up, use, and benefit from your products and services. Once they complete the onboarding process, a customer should clearly understand the value they’ll get from your product.

As SaaS solutions become the go-to way for companies to deliver onboarding experiences, it’s essential to offer people a low-friction and personalized onboarding process. Because when you do, the result is customers who are more likely to stay loyal to your business as they realize the incredible benefits they gain from doing so.

Follow this brief how-to guide to navigate your customers through each SaaS onboarding phase and watch your revenue grow as you help them achieve desired objectives and outcomes.


What is SaaS Onboarding Software?

A good platform eases the SaaS onboarding flow, giving customers those “aha moments” that tell them they’ve made the right decision in choosing your product. It automates and lets you monitor the entire onboarding process so customers move forward at a faster pace.The SaaS onboarding software you choose sets the tone for a customer’s future with your organization. It can also help you avoid the two primary reasons customers abandon your product:

1.     They don’t understand what your product or service does.
2.     They don’t gain any value from it.

Automated onboarding ensures customers are engaged and use your product for as long as possible. It improves customer lifetime value (LT) and turns new users into brand advocates. Why should you care about delivering optimal onboarding experiences?
·       Eight out of ten new users abandon an app because they don’t know how to use it.
·       Nearly 70% of users say a company valuing their time is the best online experience they can receive.
·       Your competitors are likely already using SaaS onboarding software.

Unless you have a product that’s so self-explanatory and simple that people are inspired to adopt it instantly, you need to consider investing in SaaS onboarding software.

Common Features of SaaS Onboarding Software

B2B SaaS onboarding software does much more than guide customers through your user interface. It also makes customers happy and eager to form ongoing relationships with you. Every company must define onboarding for itself, but the best SaaS onboarding platforms include these four steps that provide value to your customers and company alike.

Identify Onboarding Flow Issues

Positive and negative critical actions happen inside products every day. The faster you discover problems in your onboarding flow, the faster you can fix them. Often the easiest way to do this is by tracking a customer’s aha moments, particularly the first one, which lets you know how far into the process a user is before they realize some sort of value.
Ideally, it helps to deliver a quick aha moment right after a customer completes your sign-up form.

Give Customers a Warm Welcome

A welcome email series simplifies a customer’s onboarding journey and guides them to features you want to highlight. The best welcome experiences occur inside and outside your platform. For instance, you can create a short and friendly welcome video module that introduces your product or service and tells users what they can expect to achieve as they move through the process.

Offer Multiple Onboarding Experiences

Three of the most common and popular onboarding models are:

1. Self-service onboarding is a hands-off approach that works best for products that don’t require a lot of time or explanation for users to get up to speed. Many mobile apps and social media networks use self-service onboarding because it’s assumed most people can complete the journey on their own.

2. Low-touch onboarding builds on a self-service option by adding elements like an SaaS onboarding checklist, in-app product tours, and interactive walkthroughs. Live support is an option, but no customer receives dedicated support.

3. High-touch onboarding is typically reserved for complex products that require more time for setup and learning. It often includes required training sessions, a self-service knowledge base, and other personalized features that help a customer get a deeper understanding of a product or service.

Testing and Optimization

Measuring customer results is critical SaaS onboarding process, as there are always improvements you can make. Check your SaaS onboarding metrics often for insight into things like increasing or decreasing churn rates. And be sure to give users an easy way to offer feedback. Surveys and direct conversations with customers help identify features customers find either difficult to use or unnecessary to the process.

Top Criteria for Choosing Onboarding Software

With so many choices in the onboarding software world, how do you choose the right one? To help narrow your selection:

1.     Look for a platform that doesn’t require much technical knowledge.
2.     Choose a product that lets you personalize experiences for your customers.
3.     Pick onboarding software that extends seamlessly with your existing tech stack

You also want a solution that’s easy to customize to your brand and offers comprehensive analytics for measuring performance.


EverAfter provides an abundance of elements and features that make your SaaS customer onboarding process count. It’s a customer success software for SaaS that helps users throughout the entire customer journey, from onboarding to first use and beyond. Designed to deliver value to your customers as early in the process as possible, it also saves onboarding prep time, reduces emails between customers and CSMs, and works with existing tools like calendars, CRMs, and other business support systems.

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