QBR dashboards have never been easier

QBR dashboards have never been easierQBR dashboards have never been easier

What is Quarterly Business Review (QBR)?

Quarterly business reviews (QBRs), or executive business reviews (EBRs), are essential to a sustainable and transparent customer relationship. This is your customer's chance to review the impact of your product or service on their business and align on future goals.

The QBR process usually demands more extensive planning and strategy than a casual catch-up meeting. Still, EverAfter can help automate much of the process to gather data, have customers verify information, summarize findings, and create presentations once you define your structure and metrics to include (Feel confident about your QBR process? Jump ahead and see how EverAfter can help).

Looking for more ways to streamline your work as a CSM? These productivity tools can help.

Your QBR dashboard

You have to examine your own processes, product, and goals, to understand what's right for you to include in your QBRs. Enrique Roth, Head of Customer Success at Solidify, shared his structure for customer success quarterly business review meetings with EverAfter:

  • Agenda
  • Executive Overview: The executive overview gives a quick picture and clear report of what has been achieved since the past QBR or EBR, so the rest of the presentation should tell the story of each individual achievement. In a few words, underscore the work set in place that led us to successful results.
  • Account Review: If the executive overview includes all of the achievements, this is where you can tell the story of how you obtained them and what the progress looked like.
  • Engagement Heat Map: I personally like this one since it’s your opportunity to showcase your added value as an account CSM; emphasize how working together helped the customer reach their objectives. The idea is to account not only for the product’s added value, but for our knowledge and expertise as well.
  • Your Success Plan (Milestones): This is probably the most important presentation slide. There’s no clearer way of proving value than by fulfilling your customer’s expectations and objectives. This is why defining your success plan with your customer is crucial, so that you’re both aligned on the plan’s key objectives, goals, milestones, etc.
  • “Looking Ahead”: This slide focuses on future plans: planning for the next Q and opportunities available for exploration. If there’s a renewal coming up, this is also the perfect time to discuss it and discuss their point of view. Don’t forget to update the success plan accordingly.

A good CSM is always looking to develop and grow their skill set. Looking to see how? Here are four things to do beyond your day-to-day workload.


SaaS QBRs with EverAfter

EverAfter is here to make your life easier. A SaaS QBR dashboard contains metrics that need to be visualized, data that require analysis and sometimes verification from your customer, and opportunities to highlight your achievements and future goals. Why not do this all through a hub? Below we list suitable features and tools within EverAfter that complement these aims.

Importing and presenting data

Rearranging data in the Scorecard & forms widget
  • Import customer data from your data sources: Connect Tableau views, and automatically sync external data sources through Rest API to bring your data automatically into EverAfter. Consider including payment data from Stripe or even a spreadsheet with customer information.
  • Filter hub content automatically: Use visibility rules to show different widgets based on the customer's segment or aims. For example, you may present different metrics to different customer personas.
  • Present information clearly: The Tables and charts widget offers many ways to present your customer information, like grouping data, coloring columns, and displaying data with charts.
  • Highlight metrics and key figures: Present interesting KPIs or general data like customer subscription details or plan usage with the Scorecard and forms widget. If you share the hub before the presentation, you can use help text to explain certain fields.
  • Have customers update their information: Many widgets allow customers to update information themselves. For example, you could share the existing customer goals or customer contact information from your CRM and allow your customers to change or verify these records.
A customer updating their primary goal and CRM on their hub

Analysis and summaries

Adding accompanying text with widget descriptions and footers
  • Summarize findings and takeaways: Add key information, tips, or insights about your data through widget descriptions and footers to your QBR dashboard.
  • Consolidate resources and goals: You may seek to list your agenda, summarize action points and future goals with the List widget, or consolidate additional resources to help your customer achieve their goals with the Share materials widget.

Transform your hub into a slide deck

Displaying widget information with Slides mode
  • Use Slides mode as your slide deck: Why double your workload and create a slide deck with the information you've already collected? Easily convert your customer success QBR dashboard to a presentation that you can also share with your customer.

Pizzaz in your presentations

The Timeline widget
  • Visualize progress and key milestones: Display your customer's progress and notable accomplishments with the Timeline widget.
  • Receive customer feedback then and there: How often do you receive feedback from customers to improve your processes? You can include the Survey widget by the end of your hub to receive feedback at these key stages in your journey together. You could also use visibility rules to reveal it after the meeting if you plan on sharing the QBR on a hub.


Look forward to your next QBRs! Be proud of their immaculate presentation, be at ease knowing that so much data can be automatically synced for each customer, and get straight to highlighting your accomplishments and goals.

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