Magical March feature updates for every customer hub

Magical March feature updates for every customer hubMagical March feature updates for every customer hub

From hub email and presentation-mode makeovers to a dedicated Meetings page; our product magicians worked all month to help you unleash a stronger customer success experience. Keep reading to learn how to supercharge your customer hubs with our latest feature updates. 

Email a preview of any hub, manage all your meetings in an easier way, use the upgraded ‘Presentation mode’...and many more.

✉️ Easily send hub previews over email

What updated hub emails now look like

Sending onboarding plans over emails, or regularly sending out monthly reports to customers?
Hub emails received two game-changing updates, so you can quickly communicate with your customers with an email that looks as good as your hubs do:

  1. Everything is pre-filled and you can send the email in one step. 
  2. The way widgets are presented in the emails has been redesigned, to keep things suave and chic.

🗓️ View and manage all meetings from one place

The Meetings page’s new look & feel

Meetings fill your day, your brain, and your workload. Now the Meetings page makes it easier to maneuver your list of meetings, to know who you’ll be speaking to and when, and how to plan accordingly. 
We have a new Meetings page that displays every meeting you have with your different accounts.
Here you can add meeting details, prevent specific meetings from being visible to your customers, and access meeting recordings across all accounts.

📈 Presentation mode just got A LOT better

Presentation mode has been optimized, for you and your widgets

Transparent communication, both internally with colleagues and externally with customers, is one of the pillars of the EverAfter experience. Our optimization efforts went into Presentation mode this month, to make sure your transparent communication shows what you need it to — in the best format possible.
Presentation mode lets you share hub content quickly and clearly with your team or customers, without seeing internal widgets or hidden tasks.
We’ve optimized the way some widgets are shown in this mode and how slide mode can totally act like a PowerPoint presentation.
Find presentation mode in the top right corner of any account page.

There’s more to come…

February 2022 is behind us, scents of spring are in the warmer (yet still chilly) March air. And of course, as in every release, we made many improvements across the product to help you create even better customer journeys.

We’re already working on our next launch of feature updates, so don’t miss the upcoming April post we publish on product releases.

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Magical March feature updates for every customer hub
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