Most Creative Customer Success Leaders of 2024 (and their success stories 💎)

Most Creative Customer Success Leaders of 2024 (and their success stories 💎)Most Creative Customer Success Leaders of 2024 (and their success stories 💎)

Customer success professionals play a vital role in driving innovation and bold thinking in the tech industry. Their ability to be at the center of the company, orchestrating several departments while pushing their customers toward their business goals, showcases their unwavering dedication and creativity. In times of uncertainty, especially during an economic slowdown, they navigate the challenge of expanding capacity without increasing headcount through inventive solutions. Their unwavering customer-centric approach, spanning scaling, efficiency, customer experience, and the customer journey, forms the cornerstone of organizational growth. With creativity comes the undying optimism of what lies ahead, it gives us the vision to dream, and to believe in a great 2024.

We at EverAfter proudly present the "Most Creative Customer Success Leaders" list, rooted in the conviction that creativity is the catalyst propelling every customer success team to new heights.

Here are the 25 standout individuals whose bold and inventive strategies have made a lasting impact on the customer success field over the past year. Compiled by the Customer Success community through their votes and inspiring stories, these are the 25 Most Creative Success Leaders to watch in 2024, listed in no particular order.

💎 Raman Bindra | Haptik
Raman Bindra - Haptik
Raman Bindra, Haptik

Gamifying Feature Adoption: A Triumph in Customer Engagement

Raman Bindra is a results-driven professional, Raman has 13+ years of Customer Success and Account Management experience. He has vast experience of building processes from scratch to maintain long-lasting relationships with clients. A strong believer in being a Data driven Customer Advocate and setting high standards for the Customer Delight Factor by delivering Value to his customers.

The challenge

Raman's primary objective at Haptik was to enhance the adoption of a recently launched feature among key accounts across diverse industries. His goal was to solicit invaluable feedback to ensure they were on the right track and make necessary improvements. The team set a tangible target of increasing adoption by 25%. The primary hurdle was motivating customers to actively participate in providing feedback, even after the feature was demonstrated. Unfortunately, adoption rates remained stagnant, and feedback was scarce.

His creative solution

To tackle this challenge, Raman introduced the “Product Adoption League” at Haptik. This dynamic initiative featured 25 teams representing:

  • 25 distinct organizations
  • 5 different industries
  • 10 enterprise, 10 mid-market, and 5 small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs)
  • Each organization was assigned one Customer Success Manager (CSM) and one Product representative from their team.

Raman designed this league to achieve several objectives:

  • Increase feature usage
  • Garner critical feedback
  • Encourage participants to actively test and report errors or bugs
  • Demonstrate process enhancements based on feature usage

This initiative spanned a quarter, during which they established interactive scoreboards and live dashboards updated in real-time to showcase:

  • Most frequently used components
  • Organizations reporting the highest number of bugs, categorized by complexity
  • Organizations providing the most feedback
  • Organizations aligning business goals with feature usage and their performance metrics
  • Organizations sharing positive feedback

Upon completion, they celebrated the champions in various categories, recognizing the Single Points of Contact (SPOCs) from participating organizations. In addition, certificates and tailored gift vouchers were distributed to acknowledge their outstanding contributions.

The outcome

As a result of this initiative, feature adoption soared to an impressive 70%, far surpassing their initial target of 25%. The invaluable feedback they received allowed them to address all identified areas for improvement. Consequently, they successfully transitioned the feature into a paid offering, leading to a substantial increase in upsell by 40% and added revenue for Haptik.

💎 Delia Visan | Druid
Delia Visan - Druid

Empowering Customer Success with the 'Saying NO' Success Framework

Delia Visan has 14 years of experience in customer-facing roles. certified Customer Success Manager, career counselor and Trainer. Worked in industries such as: Healthcare, IT, On-demand, PropTech; for companies such as Oracle, Microsoft, Wipro, Glovo and Bright Spaces

The challenge

For Delia, a critical challenge emerged when one of her customers found themselves in a tricky situation. They were confronted with a feature development request from a strategic customer, and navigating this delicate scenario was no easy feat. The customer was torn between fulfilling the request and potentially compromising the scalability of their business and the trajectory of their product roadmap. The fear of jeopardizing the relationship loomed large, making it a highly sensitive situation that required a deft approach.

Her creative solution

Recognizing the importance of setting boundaries and fostering healthy communication, Delia devised "The Saying NO Success Framework". This strategic tool empowered her customer to navigate such situations with confidence and clarity. It provided a structured approach to delivering a 'no' while keeping the lines of communication open and preserving the relationship. This framework was designed to be easily accessible, ensuring that it could be seamlessly integrated into their customer interactions whenever the need arose.

The model
The model

The outcome

The impact of implementing "The Saying NO Success Framework" was transformative. Delia's customer successfully conveyed their decision to their customer, who not only understood the situation but also appreciated the transparent and empathetic communication. This experience bolstered their relationship, underscoring the value of open and respectful dialogue in customer interactions. Ultimately, this framework became a cornerstone of effective communication and relationship-building for Delia's customer.

💎 Sonam Dabholkar | Gong
Sonam Dabholkar - Gong
Sonam Dabholkar

Sonam is a diverse and results-oriented leader, with a skill set spanning Customer Success, Operations, and Change Management. As Director of Customer Success Operations at Gong, Sonam owns programs, processes, technology, and data that enable the Success (Post-Sales) organization to create raving fans throughout the customer journey. Prior to Gong, Sonam led global programs for the Enterprise Customer Success organization at Autodesk. Sonam was also an early employee at Gainsight, where she built and scaled their first Corporate & SMB Customer Success team. She started her career in consulting at PwC, implementing Change Management strategies for Fortune 500 companies undergoing business transformations initiatives.

The challenge

At Gong, the focus this year has been on maturing the customer journey and experience in light of becoming a multi-product company, and upleveling our operations to support this. The Success team has honed in on risk and churn mitigation, while also aiming to deliver greater customer value by driving adoption of new and strategic features. These goals have demanded robust programmatic and operational support for successful execution.

Her creative solution

In her role leading the Customer Success Operations function, Sonam spearheaded several programmatic initiatives to address risks, drive adoption, and increase expansion across Gong’s customer base. One notable achievement was the launch of Gong's inaugural Customer Success Qualified Leads (CSQL) program, which for the first time quantified the ARR impact of CSM-driven expansion opportunities. Additionally, in close partnership with the Analytics team, Sonam introduced critical health and risk management dashboards and reports. These tools have empowered leaders and CSMs to prioritize risk mitigation and prevention while bolstering customer engagement. Sonam has also been taking strides in developing an enhanced health score model, offering CSMs invaluable insights into key focus areas to drive sustained adoption in Gong's evolving multi-product landscape.

CSQL pipeline from the EverAfter platform
CSQL pipeline from the EverAfter platform

The outcome

Aligned with Gong's principle of Favor the Long Term, this year's endeavors aimed to establish a robust foundation for delivering sustained customer value in the years ahead as Gong continues to introduce new strategic products. While the focus was on the long term, the impact has already been significant. Customer engagement has seen a notable uptick, thanks to enhanced CSM visibility, streamlined workflows for managing larger portfolios, and a defined customer journey that outlines key touchpoints for meaningful interactions. Furthermore, expansion ARR has seen a significant boost, as incentives and a measurable process have been instituted for CSMs to funnel leads to Sales, effectively showcasing the tangible impact of CSM efforts.


💎 Dan Ennis |
Dan Ennis
Dan Ennis

Revolutionizing Customer Risk Identification for Growth

Dan Ennis is a seasoned Customer Success leader with over a decade of experience working in the SaaS space with customers of all sizes. He is passionate about leading teams and scaling out CS outcomes for customers.

The challenge

At, Dan’s team recognized a critical gap in their approach. Their Health Score system was falling short in proactively flagging at-risk customers at scale. It was imperative to tap into a different set of data to accurately pinpoint customers in jeopardy, enabling just-in-time human intervention.

His creative solution

Dan collaborated closely with the business operations team to conduct an extensive data analysis. This involved a deep dive into the behavior of customers who had either churned or downgraded over an extended period. The aim was to unearth the true indicators of customer risk. This meticulous process resulted in the development of a comprehensive Risk Propensity Score. This score encompassed various dimensions of customer data, primarily focusing on shifts in usage patterns. It provided a powerful tool for identifying at-risk customers. Dan ensured that the team was proficient in interpreting and applying the Risk Propensity Score. Additionally, he crafted targeted plays that allowed the team to intervene precisely in the areas indicated by the score. To foster team engagement and ownership, plays were also crowdsourced from the team, spotlighting successful tactics already in use.

The outcome

The impact was transformative on multiple fronts. First, there was a remarkable 31% reduction in the Risk Propensity Score, attributed to the timely interventions by Customer Success Managers (CSMs). Additionally, this strategic approach yielded a surge in Customer Success Qualified Leads (CSQLs) from this cohort of customers. The adept application of just-in-time human intervention not only rescued at-risk customers but also elevated them to become potent drivers of growth.

💎 Ezra Zimbler | LinkedIn
Ezra Zimbler
Ezra Zimbler

Empowering User Collaboration through Community for Platform Adoption Growth

Ezra is an unwavering advocate for customer success, driven by an insatiable desire to elevate individuals and teams to their highest potential. With a versatile background spanning leadership, sales, and account management, Ezra's ultimate passion lies in unraveling challenges and enabling triumphant solutions.

The challenge

Ezra, a distinguished Customer Success leader at LinkedIn, recognized a shared desire among their customers. They were eager to glean creative insights from fellow users, seeking innovative ways in which others were leveraging the Data platform.

His creative solution

Responding to this growing appetite for knowledge exchange, Ezra and their team embarked on an innovative initiative. They set out to establish a vibrant community platform, meticulously tailored to cater to distinct user groups. This thoughtful approach ensured that customers with the most pressing need for sharing insights could effortlessly exchange best practices and expertise.

LinkedIn community
LinkedIn community

The outcome

In May, the team launched the community to 150 Founding Members with the desire to build with them to create a community that would be engaging for all. After gathering feedback and learning from this initial group, an October launch to general availability marked a pivotal milestone for this budding community. This blossoming community garnered well-deserved recognition at Talent Connect, LinkedIn's flagship annual conference. Early returns from the first activation push have been fruitful with over 2,500 members and counting! With momentum on their side, Ezra and the team are poised for the continued growth and flourishing success of this dynamic hub of learning and collaboration. Thousands of enthusiastic customers eagerly joined the dynamic conversations, giving rise to a thriving network of knowledge-sharing.

💎 Kristi Faltorusso | ClientSuccess
Kristi Faltorusso
Kristi Faltorusso

Revolutionizing Customer Onboarding for Efficiency and Personalization

Kristi Faltorusso is an award winning Customer Success Executive with experience in building, scaling and transforming Customer Success organizations B2B SaaS companies. Over the past decade she’s helped companies redefine Customer Success resulting in increased retention, revenue growth and advocacy.

The challenge

For ClientSuccess, streamlining the customer onboarding process was imperative. The existing program was time-consuming, often pushing unnecessary configurations on clients, and lacked scalability. It was clear that a more flexible and efficient solution was needed.

Her creative solution

Kristi, faced with limited resources, took an innovative approach. Instead of treating onboarding as a project, she transformed it into a tailored experience. Using Google Sites, Kristi created an Onboarding Experience portal. This platform allowed for customized onboarding journeys, aligning with each client's unique priorities and goals. Clients could choose between guided assistance from an Onboarding Expert or a self-paced plan. In addition to platform training, Kristi incorporated industry-specific enablement. The portal featured best practice training videos and provided leaders with resources to optimize their Customer Success programs. Kristi also introduced templates, resources, and a custom workbook for clients to design their ClientSuccess tenant, based on proven practices.

Onboarding portal
Onboarding portal

The outcome

The results were remarkable. ClientSuccess achieved a significant reduction in onboarding time, saving an average of 27 days per customer. The revamped program garnered high customer satisfaction ratings, with an Onboarding CSAT of 4.8. Adoption rates improved significantly, with clients who completed the new program boasting an average SuccessScore of over 50. Furthermore, leadership engagement, particularly with VP-level and above, saw a noticeable boost. Kristi's innovative approach proved to be a game-changer for ClientSuccess.


💎 Marco Carrubba | Microsoft
Marco Carrubba
Marco Carrubba

Transforming Customer Success Culture for Long-term Success

An executive with experience building, scaling, transforming, and inspiring Customer Success organizations. He runs the revenue business – managing forecasts, working with sales and other cross-functional areas, curating renews and upsells, and getting customers launched faster and better by creating, leading, and inspiring a team of talents.

The challenge

When Marco assumed leadership of a new team within the Customer Success Unit at Microsoft, he faced a multifaceted challenge. His mandate was to amalgamate a diverse group of individuals, combining existing team members with new hires, and foster a culture of openness, growth, and collaboration. The objective was clear: to enhance customer service efficiency and positivity. Marco's vision was to leverage the collective experience of all employees, transforming the team into a unified and highly effective unit.

His creative solution

Marco conceptualized a unique approach, drawing parallels between the employee experience and their customer-centric approach. He devised a Customer Success journey tailored for the team, ensuring that each stage of their employment contributed to their work satisfaction and personal career development:

  • Marketing and Sales: Led by the talent acquisition team and interviewers, this stage marked the completion of the hiring process and contract signing, signaling the start of the journey.
  • Onboarding: Marco designed an inclusive onboarding process, featuring personalized welcome messages and pre-start introductory meetings. The first day was followed by a series of orientation activities, including meetings with colleagues and managers, networking opportunities, and a buddy system pairing new hires with both senior and recent employees.
  • Education: Marco prioritized employee development with a range of training and shadowing opportunities aimed at boosting confidence.
  • Support: Various engagement strategies were put in place to address any questions or concerns that employees might have.
  • Monthly Reviews and QBRs: Marco ensured regular check-ins with managers and incorporated career planning sessions, fostering a culture of continuous growth and development.
  • Value: The focus on professional and personal growth, coupled with a positive and enjoyable work environment, created numerous opportunities for employees to be recognized for their outstanding contributions.
  • Cros-sells: Marco facilitated career transitions, allowing employees to explore new avenues within the organization.
  • Up-sells: Achievements were celebrated through awards, events, and promotions, reinforcing a culture of recognition and accomplishment.
  • Renewal & Retention: Ultimately, Marco's goal was to create an environment where employees would not only thrive but also remain committed to the company and team for the long term.

The outcome

Marco's innovative approach yielded significant results. He successfully fostered a culture of teamwork and development among his staff. Within a year, Marco achieved a remarkable reduction in turnover rate, bringing it from the highest among similar groups to an average level. He recruited a wealth of new talent and seamlessly integrated them into the flourishing work environment, solidifying Microsoft's position as an employer of choice in the industry.

💎 Aditya Maheshwari | AppsFlyer
Aditya Maheshwari
Aditya Maheshwari

Empowering CSMs with Consulting Expertise

Aditya has worked in various marketing and customer success roles across APAC. He currently leads AppsFlyer’s Customer Success Teams in India, SEA, and ANZ regions, where he focuses on helping advertisers with their marketing & measurement strategy. He manages a diverse team based across 5 different sites in APAC. Before joining AppsFlyer, he was the head of growth at AdWyze, a leading Facebook Marketing Partner, where he handled sales and customer success. Aditya holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in Liberal Studies from Ashoka University and an engineering degree from NIT Calicut. His diverse academic background has given him a broader perspective and a more holistic and creative approach to solving problems for AppsFlyer’s customers, his team and other stakeholders.

The challenge

At AppsFlyer, Aditya faced a common dilemma - how to empower Customer Success Managers (CSMs) to think and act like seasoned consultants. However, many CSMs lacked a consulting background, a key skillset in swiftly understanding a wide range of business challenges and formulating effective solutions.

His creative solution

Drawing from Aditya's own experiences preparing for consulting interviews in college, a unique approach was devised. Aditya set out to teach CSMs fundamental consulting practices and frameworks to enhance their ability for insightful discovery and problem-solving. Through hands-on workshops, CSMs were introduced to user-friendly tools like MECE, SWOT, Porter’s Five Forces, PESTLE Analysis, and McKinsey 7S. They were then encouraged to apply these frameworks in their own accounts, sharing their discoveries with peers. Aditya closely monitored progress, offering constructive feedback and coaching.

Aditya and his team
Aditya and his team

The outcome

The impact was clear and powerful. CSMs significantly elevated their proficiency in swiftly identifying critical issues and devising practical solutions. Their communication with customers took on a new level of confidence and persuasiveness. They transitioned from being mere product educators to becoming trusted strategic consultants, marking a pivotal shift in their professional journey at AppsFlyer.

💎 Emilia D’Anzica  | Growth Molecules™,
Emilia D’Anzica

Creating a winning customer journey infrastructure and reporting using the right CS tech stack

Emilia D’Anzica is the Founder and Managing Partner of Growth Molecules™, a management consulting firm focused on protecting and growing revenue. The company aims to help organizations increase profit while maximizing customer value. Emilia is an award winning customer success thought-leader and also the co-author of Pressing on as a Tech Mom. She is on on several advisory boards and an active contributor to the Forbes Council as well as a part-time Adjunct MBA Marketing Metrics Professor at Saint Mary’s College of California.

The challenge

Emilia, at Growth Molecules, understood the common struggle faced by their customers. Many sought to improve customer value realization but needed guidance in prioritizing initiatives. Additionally, concerns about high customer acquisition costs and service expenses were top-of-mind. Whether novice or seasoned leaders, time constraints often hindered their ability to strategically scale beyond the first 1000 customers.

Her creative solution

Leveraging their extensive experience in customer success advisory and global team leadership, Emilia and the team introduced a transformative approach. They developed a comprehensive assessment methodology, S.C.O.R.E., utilizing 46 key data points to provide clients with a holistic view of their internal and external initiatives. This method ensured a laser focus on the top three to six recommendations each quarter, with precise objectives, team training, and essential tools for success. Emilia and the team took pride in the thorough understanding of each client's business, teams, processes, and customers before presenting any recommendations. This thoroughness set them apart from larger consulting firms that sometimes skip the vital step of deep comprehension, leading to generic and ineffective solutions.

G2 Review

The outcome

The impact of this unique program was remarkable. Growth Molecules amassed over 100 glowing reviews on G2 in less than two years, showcasing their dedication to each client's success.

For their clients, the outcomes were transformative. They received a clear and actionable blueprint, prioritizing people, processes, and systems. This blueprint was devoid of jargon, providing leaders and teams with a framework they could wholeheartedly commit to and hold one another accountable for. The attached examples demonstrated the tangible results of this approach.

Examples with Metrics:

Seeq Corporation:

  • 30% increase in team productivity.
  • Consistent Net Promoter Score of 50+.
  • Introduction of Customer Success Qualified Leads (CSQLs), driving revenue

Experity Health: 12% increase in employee NPS ("eNPS") score post-education program.

Aurora Solar: Transitioned from minimal adoption of a Customer Platform to a centralized source of information, reporting, and KPIs.

Talroo: Achieved increased customer value, empowered employees, and met financial goals set by the board, resulting in a high rate of return business.

💎 Olivier Fiaty-Amenouvor | Camunda
Olivier Fiaty-Amenouvor
Olivier Fiaty-Amenouvor

Revolutionizing Usage Metrics Collection for Enhanced Customer Success

Olivier Fiaty-Amenouvor is a Senior Customer Success Manager ( Strategic Accounts) at Camunda (a company that helps organizations in their Digital Transformation), and a Founding Member of Success in Black (an organization that promotes and advances DEIB of the Black Community in Customer Success). Originally from Togo-Bénin in West Africa, he now resides in sunny San Diego in California (USA) for almost two decades. He is trilingual speaking fluently Gingbé ( one of Togo’s languages), French, and English. Olivier has been in Tech for 2 decades and in the Customer Success field for half of that. Olivier and his wife are avid travelers and have visited altogether about 15 countries, 4 continents and counting.

The challenge

At Camunda, a leader in the process orchestration area, the challenge was crystal clear: the existing process for collecting crucial usage metrics from customers was manual and time-consuming.This led to many of our customers not providing their consumption data ( which are required after each renewal period by our contract). This situation stemmed from the cumbersome nature of the extensive documentation process provided, leading to a slow, and most of the time, no return of metrics data from our customers.

Her creative solution

Over the course of the last year and a half, Olivier and his teammate Magdalena Ziolkowska embarked on a transformative journey to revolutionize the usage metrics collection process. Their concerted efforts engaged the entire global Customer Success Team, making the process more accessible and efficient.

The process kicks off post-renewal, when a survey is dispatched to customers for them to furnish data about their consumed metrics. Each customer is allotted a specific metric quota as per their contract. For those with low usage, the team delves into ways to boost adoption. Conversely, those exceeding their allotment face overage charges. This initiative unfolded over multiple quarters, with each phase marking a reduction in renewed customers who hadn't previously provided usage metrics.

In parallel, cross-functional collaboration paved the way for a seamless survey system for both On-Prem and SaaS customers.

Camuda process

The outcome

The impact of this initiative was profound. Camunda unearthed a substantial revenue stream attributed to usage metrics consumption overages. It also allowed us to reduce the backlog of closed-won renewals without usage metrics by half since its inception. This achievement now stands as a high-impact initiative tracked by the Revenue leadership, underscoring the remarkable success of this endeavor at Camunda.

💎 Sara Arecco | Antavo
Sara Arecco

Mastering Renewals for  20%+ NRR Success

Sara is leading the Customer Success team at Antavo Loyalty Cloud, the best-in-class loyalty technology provider, since August 2022. She resides in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with her husband and dog. In her free time she enjoys reading fantasy and thriller books, hiking and crocheting.

The challenge

At Antavo, Sara faced a longstanding challenge - their NRR had not increased for 3 subsequent years. Their goal was ambitious, to go from negative growth to a double-digit increase.

Her creative solution

Sara orchestrated a multifaceted solution to tackle this challenge head-on: Strategic Reminders: Implementation of a structured reminder system ensured that no renewal opportunity would slip through the cracks. This seemingly simple yet essential step was instrumental in fortifying their renewal process.

Cross-Team Collaboration: Sara recognized that renewals weren't just the responsibility of the Customer Success team. By notifying other departments - including product, support, marketing, and sales - everyone was aligned to pay special attention to customers in the renewal phase.

Data-Driven Renewals: Sara introduced a groundbreaking approach. As Antavo’s pricing is based on the number of members enrolled in their customers’ loyalty programs, Sara and her team started looking at monthly enrolment rates for every customer. This allowed them to forecast how many new members would be joining in the coming years. Leveraging actual data, they incorporated growth forecasts into their renewal strategy. This data-backed approach provided an undeniable rationale for upsells, far surpassing the impact of routine updates or price adjustments, while maintaining a strong alignment between Antavo and their customers’ goals of acquisition

Renewals rate

Customer Acquisition Assistance: Antavo took their commitment to customer success a step further. They began actively assisting clients with acquisition strategies, recognizing that their own success was intrinsically linked to the success of their clients. Sara and her team started sharing more ideas into driving member acquisition for their customers so that they could grow and be successful together.


The outcome

This comprehensive approach led to an extraordinary achievement. Antavo's NRR not only crossed the coveted 100% threshold but surged to an impressive 108%. This success story is a testament to the power of strategic thinking, cross-functional collaboration, and data-driven decision-making at Antavo under Sara's leadership.

💎 Jessica O'Connor | DocuSign
Jessica O'Connor

Pioneering Customer Engagement Tactics for Enterprise Success

With half a decade of exceptional Customer Success at DocuSign, Jess O'Connor stands as a testament to the power of dedication and leadership. As the Principal Customer Success Manager, she oversees the company's largest strategic enterprise customers on the West Coast, with a special focus on those in the technology sector. Her adeptness in managing and scaling customer relationships has been instrumental in fostering growth and ensuring satisfaction among DocuSign's top-tier clientele.

The challenge

In the complex landscape of enterprise accounts, lack of personalization emerged as a substantial hurdle. Customer Success professionals are no strangers to the revered “Success Plan.” However, it's not uncommon for CSMs to become bogged down in the routine tasks of updating and fulfilling it, merely to satisfy internal protocols. These plans often reflect the company's priorities rather than the genuine needs of the customer. For Jess, a strategic success plan isn't just a document; it's a mindset. It dictates her demeanor in meetings, her communication style, and how she overcomes challenges to achieve the desired outcomes for both herself and her customers. So, what's Jess's secret?

Her creative solution

At DocuSign, Jess was tasked with enhancing customer value and boosting revenue. To achieve this, she implemented four innovative engagement strategies that put the customer first:

  • Onsite Executive Business Reviews: These reviews allowed Jess to meet with customers to validate their business goals and challenges, and get in front of DocuSign Product Leaders for more exposure, so they can help change and elevate our product based on what they would like to see us do. The key for EBR’s is to have Product Leadership Sponsorship. This is the recipe for driving innovation and change, that will directly help shape the solution. 
  • Bi-weekly strategic calls: To address potential resistance to regular check-ins, Jess framed these calls as opportunities for customers to share their successes and receive valuable insights directly from DocuSign's experts. This shift in perspective transformed the calls into highly anticipated events that drove customer engagement and satisfaction
  • Point of View White Space Roadmap Meetings:  Customers are eager to understand their next steps and see how they compare to others like them. When setting up these Point of View White Space Roadmap Meetings, Jess brought in specific experts from DocuSign, each skilled in a particular area. They held several discussions, focusing on guiding the customer on how best to leverage DocuSign for their unique challenges. They crafted a tailored POV presentation for each customer, which also included data on industry standards. This approach enabled Jess to delve deeper into potential uses, suggest solutions the customer could benefit from, and the end result? Increased sales, better product usage, and a much more involved and satisfied customer.

Reverse Demos: In this approach, Jess asked customers to demo how they were using the DocuSign product. Allowing customers to conduct a reverse demo provides customer success leaders with firsthand insight into real-world product usage, uncovering both strengths and areas for improvement. This interactive process strengthens customer-company relationships and can reveal innovative use cases, enhancing product development and customer engagement strategies. It opens avenues for upselling or cross-selling based on customers' unique needs and challenges.

The outcome

Jess's strategies led to big wins for DocuSign and its users. Through Onsite Executive Business Reviews, she opened lines of communication, validated customer aims, and ensured innovation was in tune with user needs. Her bi-weekly calls became popular events, deepening customer trust and sharing valuable insights. White Space Roadmap Meetings offered customers custom advice and comparisons, boosting sales and product effectiveness. Lastly, Reverse Demos shed light on actual product use, revealing its strengths and gaps, guiding product tweaks, and spotlighting more sales opportunities.

💎 Pankaj Bhardwaj | Automation Anywhere
Pankaj Bhardwaj

Generative AI and Automation Drives Unprecedented Growth

Pankaj Bhardwaj has over twenty five years of results-oriented leadership in pre and post sales client support management with a strong record of building and leading global teams in high-growth, dynamic environments. He is credited with building award winning and innovative Global support teams. Most recently he has successfully utilized AI to improve the customer experience in addition to dramatically increasing profitability of Premium support. He currently leads the Global Support Organization at Automation Anywhere and has successfully increased Employee NPS, Customer Satisfaction, profitability of Support and innovated for a better Customer experience.

The challenge

Automation Anywhere experiences a growing demand for their services and faces a need for increasing headcount. With limited resources, they needed to keep up with the support volume and complexity of tickets while meeting customers’ expectations, who wanted faster, better, and more personalized service. They needed a way to augment their human capabilities with artificial intelligence to be able to scale and personalize fast. Moreover they needed to transform their customer service from reactive to proactive, static to dynamic, and generic to customized, personalized vs. one size fits all and highly available.

His creative solution

Under Pankaj's visionary leadership, the company harnessed the power of automation. They developed custom bots, seamlessly integrated them with LLM, and revolutionized customer support. By incorporating chat-based customer service and implementing automation for query triage, they significantly reduced the dependency on human intervention. Additionally, they adopted advanced tools to capture customer sentiments, collate feedback, and autonomously prioritize suggestions. A game-changing API integration between Jira and Salesforce ensured a seamless bidirectional sync.

Personalized Support -Front office
Personalized Support - Back office

The outcome

They've achieved impressive results: a reduction of over 50% in resolution times, ensuring round-the-clock availability of a digital workforce, and boosting productivity with back-end co-pilots. Furthermore, they're poised to realize a remarkable 6-fold return on investment. The integration of AI and intelligent automation has been instrumental in achieving these milestones:

By tailoring content and workflows to the specific needs and preferences of each customer segment, they've revolutionized their approach. This involves generating personalized greetings, responses, and follow-ups that align with the customer's tone, mood, personality, and location. Moreover, they've developed innovative solutions and recommendations based on the customer's unique context, history, and objectives.

Through the synergistic application of generative AI and intelligent automation, they've established a seamless and unified work system that seamlessly links front-office and back-office workflows. For instance, they employ digital workers to handle initial customer interactions and seamlessly escalate tickets to human engineers if necessary. Additionally, co-pilots assist engineers in troubleshooting, testing, or documenting issues using generative AI.

These represent just a few of the ways in which generative AI and intelligent automation have catalyzed a transformative journey in their customer support business. The results have been nothing short of extraordinary: a notable 20% surge in customer satisfaction, an impressive 52% elevation in employee Net Promoter Score (NPS), and a retention and renewal rate that outshines industry standards. This evolution hasn't solely optimized operations; it has empowered support engineers to concentrate on tasks that demand distinct human cognitive skills, marking a paradigm shift in customer support.

💎 Katie Bedrina |  Infinity Tracking
Katie Bedrina

Revolutionizing Engagement: A 266% Surge in Customer Interaction

Katie has been an essential part of the Infinity team since 2019, handling various aspects of Customer Experience, including Support, Onboarding, and Customer Success. Her efforts contribute significantly to maintaining a customer-centric approach within the organization as well as a focus on scaling customer account management and expansion. In 2023, Katie celebrated a personal milestone as she got married in Croatia, her husband's native country. Now, she divides her holiday time between her hometown, Newcastle, and Croatia.

The challenge

Following an acquisition and the subsequent migration of customers, Infinity Tracking faced a notable challenge - a significant decline in retention rates over the span of 12 months. It was observed that approximately 35% of all churn was attributed to the 'Programmatic' Customer segment. Remarkably, this segment constituted a substantial portion of the customer base and lacked dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) resources. The responsibility of managing the needs and queries of over 850 customers fell on a small team of Junior CSMs.

Her creative solution

In response to the challenge of declining retention rates following an acquisition and customer migration at Infinity Tracking, Katie initiated a comprehensive set of strategies aimed at reinvigorating customer success. Recognizing the critical role of data, Katie began by implementing a robust system of customer segmentation, utilizing Tiers 1-5 and Value and Potential tags for refined categorization. This provided a foundational framework for tailored outreach and engagement.

To address the specific needs of the 'Programmatic' Customers segment, which accounted for a significant portion of the customer base, Katie established targeted digital book performance tracking across the entire Customer Success (CS) book. This data-driven approach allowed for more precise insights and interventions, ensuring that resources were allocated where they would have the most impact.

Katie's strategy extended beyond data analysis. She took proactive measures to enhance customer education and training, implementing automated webinar schedules and real-time alerts for new users. This hands-on approach not only bolstered customer confidence but also streamlined their onboarding journey, reducing time-to-value from 90 days to just over 15 days for small customers.

A key component of Katie's plan involved proactive communication. By leveraging automated workflows and strategically timed content cadence, she ensured that customers received value touchpoints at crucial stages of their journey. This not only facilitated a smoother onboarding process but also created opportunities for upsells and cross-sells.

Maturity model results

The outcome

266% Increase in Customer Engagement: Katie's concerted efforts resulted in a remarkable 266% increase in customer engagement, demonstrating the success of her initiatives in capturing and sustaining customer interest.

DCS Net Loss Trending Lower: Addressing the root causes, the Digital Customer Success (DCS) net loss has exhibited a positive trend. The monthly average has significantly decreased, dropping from £75k to £54k compared to the previous fiscal year.

Contraction Management and New Opportunities: In response to a 25% contraction, particularly from volume agencies, Katie introduced a dynamic workflow. Engaging volume agencies, with value touchpoints and targeted client replenishment outreach on a quarterly basis not only mitigated losses but also led to the acquisition of several substantial opportunities. Notably, one such opportunity amounted to a lucrative £45K ARR.

NPS Implementation and Customer Feedback: Katie's implementation of Net Promoter Score (NPS) in-app for all customers on a quarterly basis now feeds into our Asana board. This streamlined process empowers our Customer Success Managers to efficiently pick up and act upon valuable customer feedback. Positive responses, such as "The increase in the number of webinars and the amount of information available recently is great and infinitely better than 2 years ago," underscore the success of Katie's customer-centric approach.

💎 Shruti Sharma | Consult with Shruti
Shruti Sharma

Streamlined Customer Onboarding for Swift Value Realization

Shruti Sharma has 20+ years of combined experience in product, solutions consulting and customer success across B2B SaaS organizations in the e-commerce, email marketing, marketing technologies, communications and HR tech industries . She currently has her own consultancy business focused on helping early to mid-stage companies establish a first class customer experience leading to high retention and happy customers, through optimizing post sale processes. She also enjoys supporting the local startup community by mentoring for Techstars Boston and Venture Lane. 

The challenge

For one of Shruti's clients, a critical challenge emerged: "How can we effectively manage and optimize communication and drive product adoption during the first 7-30 days of customer onboarding, while ensuring there is sustained alignment of the customer's long-term goals?

Her creative solution

Upon a thorough assessment of the initial customer experience, several glaring issues surfaced. Firstly, customers lacked a clear understanding of what to expect when they first engaged with the product. The only guidance available was a setup guide document. Secondly, communication with customers was sporadic, consisting of a few emails aimed at guiding product usage, but these lacked relatable use cases. As a result, product adoption saw a decline, and customer enthusiasm waned within weeks of the initial purchase. To address this, a scalable system was imperative, one that would keep customers engaged and continuously encourage them to adopt the solution well beyond the initial days, ensuring ongoing value.

A series of strategic initiatives were set in motion:

  • A comprehensive slide deck was crafted for Sales to use after a customer agreed to move forward with the purchase, setting clear expectations in terms of the next steps, including a timeline of events, roles/responsibilities, and available support/resources.
  • A structured process was established between Sales and Implementation/CS, streamlining communication and providing a centralized repository for all customer information, featuring a 'Know Your Customer' form.
  • A straightforward customer checklist was designed to facilitate a smooth start, complemented by a breakdown of a customer kickoff call.
  • A roadmap to success plan was created, offering a week-by-week breakdown for the initial few weeks. Each task was accompanied by a clear explanation of the "why" and the value the customer would gain.  Below is a high level template for a week by week approach to your customer’s ability to adopt, maximize a tool’s functionality and meet the customer’s business goals.
  • A series of educational videos was developed to support onboarding and product adoption. Additionally, an in-app strategy was devised for later use, employing a solution like Pendo.
  • Concurrently, the team compiled customer success stories, spotlighting the results achieved by other customers with the product.
  • An automated email sequence was implemented, integrating essential assets (checklist, videos, roadmap), along with a structured touchpoint schedule with customers.

The outcome

The impact was substantial. 

  • The time to value and onboarding was markedly reduced from an average of 10 days to just 7 days.
  • Two customer success case studies were generated to strengthen the client’s advocacy initiatives. 
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction in using the tool to its full potential while tailoring it to their specific requirements became a project outcome.
💎 Jasmine Reynolds | IngMar Medical
Jasmine Reynolds

Driving Customer Experience Excellence Through Proactive Feedback Mastery

Jasmine Reynolds, CCSM, is a seasoned Enterprise Customer Success Manager known for her compassionate and analytical problem-solving skills. With over 7 years in the field, she specializes in transforming the customer experience for SaaS startups. Recognized as a 2023 Top 100 Customer Success Strategist, Jasmine's expertise is unmatched. Connect with her on LinkedIn at for valuable insights and collaborations.

The challenge

Jasmine's mission to revitalize the customer experience at IngMar Medical encountered a substantial roadblock. The existing method of gauging the voice of the customer heavily relied on lengthy surveys, which regrettably provided minimal actionable insights. These surveys, comprising over ten questions, spanned a broad spectrum of topics, from product evaluation to software functionality and overall user experience.

Her creative solution

In response, Jasmine conceived a tailored evaluation process intricately aligned with the company's ARR model. Concurrently, she spearheaded a collaborative effort across departments to comprehensively understand the timing and content of the surveys being dispatched. She meticulously scrutinized the survey questions, pinpointing those with the highest potential to drive actionable changes. This meticulous process established a direct conduit to product development initiatives, accompanied by a transparent and accessible roadmap. To solidify this approach, Jasmine instilled a rallying cry within the organization: "Don't ask without a plan of action." This guiding principle served as a constant reminder to ensure that each survey question served a clear purpose with a corresponding action plan, solidifying their commitment to impactful customer feedback and continuous improvement.

The outcome

Jasmine's innovative strategies yielded a series of impressive results:

Increased Response Rates: The personalized evaluation approach led to a substantial surge in survey response rates, catapulting from an initial 10% to an impressive 65%.

Actionable Insights: By refining the survey questions, the team was able to pinpoint critical issues and customer pain points, resulting in a remarkable 40% increase in actionable insights derived from customer feedback.

Faster Product Improvements: With a more direct channel to the product development team and a transparent roadmap, the time taken to implement necessary changes based on customer feedback decreased by a notable 40%.

Customer Satisfaction: The enhancements in customer experience directly translated to higher satisfaction scores. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) saw a remarkable 31-point increase within a span of six months.

Revenue Growth: The improved customer experience led to a commendable 20% enhancement in customer retention, contributing to an impressive 12% growth in ARR over the same period.

💎 Alexandra Sagaydak | PeopleForce
Alexandra Sagaydak

Revolutionizing Onboarding for 50% Churn Reduction

Alexandra was initially born and lived in Ukraine, and moved to Romania in 2022. In 2014 she started working in 2014 an IT company as an Account Management Intern. In 2018 she switched companies and obtained the role of CSM. She mainly worked with the USA market for most of her career. In August 2022, Alexandra joined PeopleForce as the Customer Success Director, and then became CCO in July 2023. Currently, she manages the Support, Customer Success, and Onboarding Team.

The challenge

Upon joining PeopleForce, Alexandra faced the pressing need to create a clear distinction between support and customer success functions. The existing setup operated heavily in a support mode, with teams primarily addressing chats and handling bug reports. To combat high churn rates, Alexandra initiated a restructuring effort. She separated the support and customer success teams and undertook the task of establishing a structured onboarding process within the success team.

Her creative solution

Alexandra revolutionized the onboarding process, infusing it with creativity and a deep understanding of HR procedures. Unlike traditional approaches focused solely on factors like customer size and location, Alexandra's innovative process prioritized familiarity with HR processes. This breakthrough paved the way for customized onboarding plans tailored to each segment, guaranteeing precise outcomes and optimal onboarding durations. Moreover, she introduced a bonus structure for the CS team, providing incentives for delivering top-tier onboarding experiences. This structure is intricately linked to reviews from PeopleForce Customers across various platforms, further enhancing the emphasis on excellence.

The outcome

Thanks to Alexandra's strategic approach, the churn related to poor onboarding was completely eradicated. The comprehensive changes resulted in a significant drop in overall revenue churn, from 2.96% to an impressive 1.8%.

💎 Emily Dinan | DocuSign
Emily Dinan

Driving Customer Experience Excellence Through Proactive Feedback Mastery

The challenge

Emily at DocuSign was faced with a familiar challenge—a sudden at-risk client relationship characterized by dissatisfaction and mistrust, potentially leading to a substantial loss in Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR).

Her creative solution

Rather than opting for damage control after the problem had escalated, Emily took a proactive engagement approach. She initiated a candid conversation to understand the root cause before the client made any final decisions.

  1. Co-Creation of Solutions: Emily involved the client in co-developing an action plan. This ensured the solution was tailored to their specific needs, fostering a sense of partnership and shared ownership.
  1. Continuous Feedback Loop: Instead of occasional check-ins, Emily maintained an ongoing feedback loop to stay in sync and make course corrections when necessary, emphasizing transparency and trust.
  1. Holistic Internal Collaboration: Emily didn't keep the feedback to herself. She actively communicated it across sales, product, and customer success teams, ensuring the organization was aligned with the client's needs and could offer a coordinated response.
  1. Measuring and Celebrating Success Together: After the renewal, Emily ensured a post-renewal review and even invited the client to attend one of their internal sales meetings. It wasn't just about securing the renewal, but celebrating the journey and collaborative effort.

The outcome

The results were nothing short of amazing and transformative. Emily's initial goal was to cut churn to 25%, but they achieved a remarkable 0% churn and even experienced growth in net MRR. This shift from the initial situation underscores the effectiveness of Emily's approach.

💎 Rachel Provan | Provan Success
Rachel Provan

Revolutionizing Customer Success Journey to Value Realization

Rachel Provan is a top 25 CS Influencer and Coach specializing in nurturing the next generation of customer success leaders. She has over 15 years of experience in CS Leadership building and scaling CS departments across diverse markets from seed stage to Fortune 500 Companies. With a passion for fusing psychology with business strategy, Rachel teaches CS leaders to build and scale revenue-driving customer success divisions. Her unique approach integrates proven strategic frameworks with psychological principles to create positive outcomes for CS Leaders, their companies, and their customers.

The challenge

Rachel's insights at Provan Success, LLC unveiled a common but critical issue - most customer journeys were company-centric, generic, and lacked a true understanding of the customer's end goals. The disconnect extended to the struggle in garnering buy-in across teams, with many viewing customer journeys merely as a marketing exercise centered around the sales cycle, rather than a strategic pathway to ROI. These journeys, often treated as an isolated exercise, frequently faded into oblivion once created. Even worse - they didn’t create a predictable path to ROI, which kept them from impacting retention and expansion, leading the entire function to struggle to articulate its value across many organizations.

Her creative solution

Rachel's transformational approach was to revolutionize the traditional Customer Journey Map. Instead of focusing solely on the company's responsibilities, she meticulously integrated every step both the company and the customer needed to take along the post-sale lifecycle in order to reach the desired outcome. This included pivotal moments of truth and significant customer milestones, designed to propel them towards expansion and renewal. These revamped maps also spotlighted risks and opportunities at each stage of the customer lifecycle, identified essential assets needed (such as email templates and slide decks), and outlined key cross-functional touchpoints. To mark this evolution, Rachel aptly rebranded the final product as a "Customer Value Realization Map". Remarkably, this single deliverable would essentially formulate 90% of the playbooks and success plans for each specific use case.

Customer value realization map

The outcome

The impact of Rachel's approach was profound. CS Leaders witnessed a notable surge in buy-in from the C-Suite and cross-functional teams. The clarity provided by the Customer Value Realization Map streamlined the CS Team's operations, resulting in a substantial reduction in churn rates, significant acceleration in the setup time for CS Platforms and higher cross-functional buying.

💎 Anika Zubair | The Customer Success Pro
Anika Zubair

Navigating Economic Challenges with 3% Churn Reduction

Anika Zubair is a Customer Success Executive Leader with experience in building, scaling, and transforming Customer Success organizations at hyper-growth B2B SaaS companies., Anika is no stranger to scaling Customer Success efforts and has built teams from the ground up across the APAC, EMEA, and US regions. She has led Customer Success teams at vzaar, Zap, inSided, and Karbon. She is currently the Head of Customer Success at Griffin. She has been recognized by SuccessHACKER as a Top 25 Customer Success Influencer in 2022 and 2023, by SmartKarrot as a Top 50 Women Leaders in Customer Success in 2022. She also hosts The Customer Success Channel Podcast. Which is a thought-provoking, and highly-rated podcast diving into important and relevant topics to help spread CS knowledge. You can find all of Anika’s previous work and thought leadership content on The Customer Success Pro.

The challenge

Anika's client faced a dual challenge - a low retention rate influenced by global economic conditions in 2023 and a struggle with user engagement. While equipped with a dedicated CSM and Support team, there was a clear gap in understanding the customer journey, effective customer engagement, and early identification of disengaged customers.

Her creative solution

To address this, Anika embarked on a strategic journey. She began by crafting a comprehensive customer journey map, establishing a baseline for customer health and engagement. Leveraging tools like Miro and Hubspot, Anika meticulously tracked customer usage patterns, identified crucial journey milestones, and pinpointed dips in overall customer success engagement. Building on this data-driven foundation, Anika introduced a groundbreaking Customer Engagement Score. This score evaluated customers based on criteria with the most substantial impact on their success, factoring in their specific phase in the customer journey, product usage, and their most recent interaction with their CSM. Integrated seamlessly into the customer journey and overall health score, this tool empowered CSMs to discern the right time to engage with a customer, select the appropriate playbook, and anticipate the desired outcome based on their recent product interactions.

The outcome

The introduction of the Customer Engagement Score heralded a paradigm shift. CSMs became more proactive, armed with the knowledge to effectively assist customers exhibiting low engagement, ultimately stemming churn before it occurred. This initiative not only elevated the experience for both customers and CSMs but also yielded tangible results. Within just three months, churn rates decreased by a notable 3%, accompanied by elevated success rates and heightened product engagement. While it's early to gauge its impact on renewals and growth, early indicators instill confidence that this approach will substantially curtail long-term churn and foster an upswing in renewal rates.


💎 Sumi Jaiswal | ZingHR
Sumi Jaiswal

Transforming Revenue Generation through Customer-Centric Strategies

The challenge

At DotDot, the challenge was not merely to maintain revenue but to substantially increase it. The team recognized the need to explore additional revenue streams beyond conventional channels. As a CS Leader, Sumi understood that true business impact lies in Revenue through renewals, upsells, cross-sells, advocacy, and referrals.

Her creative solution

Sumi addressed this challenge by creating a success plan tailored to each customer's expected outcomes during the onboarding phase. Quarterly reviews were conducted with a focus on SMART Goals, assessing achievements, identifying areas for improvement, and setting the course for the next steps. Ownership and accountability were shared among both the customer and the Customer Success (CS) team stakeholders.

A pivotal aspect of her approach was the implementation of a clear RASCI matrix, which delineated responsibilities for seamless execution. This framework played a vital role in guiding customers towards achieving their objectives, establishing a strong foundation for their ongoing journey towards success.

The effectiveness of her methodology was evident as renewals, upsells, cross-sells, and revenue driven by advocacy and referrals seamlessly fell into place. What was once a complex process now ran smoothly, thanks to her laser-focused goal orientation and structured approach.

This transformation meant that her team no longer needed to dedicate extensive resources to managing renewals and expansions. Instead, their efforts were concentrated on engaging with specific outliers. This included older customers who hadn't initially experienced this tailored approach, as well as those whose expectations couldn't be met, even with creative workarounds.

The outcome

Sumi's innovative strategy delivered remarkable results. The Net Revenue Retention (NRR) surged from 105% to an impressive 125%, showcasing the significant impact of this new strategy. Additionally, the volume of reviews on Gartner experienced a substantial increase, a testament to the heightened satisfaction and advocacy among customers.

Sumi's approach not only transformed the financial outlook but also solidified DotDot's position as a customer-centric organization, successfully navigating the challenge of increasing revenue through strategic customer success initiatives.

💎 Swati Garg | Melo Associates
Swati Garg

Maximizing Efficiency on a Limited Budget

Swati Garg is the Founder & CEO of Melo Associates, the leading recruitment firm focused on Customer Success and Professional Services. Swati, individually and on behalf of Melo Associates, has been highlighted across multiple platforms including being named one of SmartKarrot’s Top 50 Customer Success Influencers, one of USA Today’s Top 10 Recruiting Experts, and featured in Top 100 Magazine’s Innovators & Entrepreneurs list. Most recently in October 2023, she was recognized as a SuccessCoaching Top 100 Customer Success Strategist.

The challenge

In the midst of rapid business growth, Swati and the Melo Associates team faced the pivotal challenge of maintaining operational efficiency without expanding the headcount. They sought innovative ways to automate crucial communications to clients and candidates, while also envisioning a customer advocacy program to amplify their impact.

Her creative solution

What sets Swati's approach apart is the context - Melo Associates operates in a unique space as a Customer Success & Professional Services recruitment firm. Despite not being a SaaS company, they grapple with challenges akin to CS teams in the SaaS sphere. Swati ingeniously transitioned from manual processes to harnessing the power of Google applications and optimizing their existing ATS/CRM functionality. This strategic move aimed to enhance internal efficiency, utilizing tools already at their disposal.

The team

The outcome

While it's still early days to quantify the impact with precise metrics, the initial results are promising. There's already a noticeable uptick in the accessibility of qualitative data across the entire team, setting the stage for even more impactful and data-driven operations.

💎 Bhavika Kochhar | CS Ladies
Bhavika Kochhar

Empowering Women: CS Ladies Fostering Holistic Growth in Personal and Professional Life

Bhavika Kochhar holds 6+ years of experience and has worked with various cool Saas startups and an MNC like Amazon. Bhavika is currently completing her masters from Duke University, USA and is originally from India. Bhavika is also leading the CS Ladies organization in order to make personal success for women possible. Bhavika likes traveling and reading books

The challenge

Bhavika, Founder at CS Ladies, noticed a significant gap in support for women. While many communities focused on professional growth, there were few platforms dedicated to personal development. Bhavika understood that a woman's personal well-being is vital for her professional journey. Her goal was to create a space where women can personally grow, leading to improved results for the businesses they work in. Through non-work-related discussions, they were able to bring forth new ideas and creative strategies in their workplaces. Her community proved invaluable and supportive while she was working for a SaaS company, addressing the challenge of making operations more efficient and enhancing customer engagement.

CS Ladies

Her creative solution

Bhavika's innovative approach involved creating tailored and on-brand success plans for each customer. These concise plans included key contacts, measurable goals, timelines, and project outlines. The main challenge was to get customers to follow the success plans and work closely with them. With that understanding, Bhavika set out to create well-designed, personalized success plans, paying attention not only to the content presented but also to the overall design, choice of colors, and tone of voice. By personalizing the appearance of the success plans, making them visually appealing and on-brand, customers were much more inclined to review them. Once they engaged, it was easier to pique their interest in the content itself and help them understand the actual value it brings to their business. The result? Customers not only found the plans informative but also visually appealing. The success plans provided a clear roadmap to their own success.

The outcome

The impact of well-designed, on-brand success plans was transformative. Customers were not only highly more willing to review the plans but also better able to understand their value and work closely with them compared to before. Moreover, armed with a fresh perspective and a repertoire of creative solutions, Bhavika saw a remarkable uptick in her effectiveness in Customer Success. Complex issues that once seemed insurmountable now yielded to her innovative strategies. Her community-driven approach not only elevated her own performance but also inspired others in the field to embrace inventive problem-solving. This ripple effect led to a more dynamic and empowered Customer Success community, driving collective success to new heights.

💎 Marcus Euzebio | Logicalis
Marcus Euzebio

Seamless Pre-to-Post Sales Transition: Enabling 75% Work-from-Home Success

With over 15 years of experience in the technology sector, Marcus Euzebio has cultivated extensive expertise while working with both national and multinational companies. His proven skills in strategic roles, with a focus on client relationships, project management, pre-sales and post-sales support, business development, and technology adoption strategies, highlight his dedication to ensuring client success. Notably, he boasts significant international experience, with a particular emphasis on countries within the Latin American (LATAM) region. Locally, in the fourth-largest city in the world, São Paulo, Marcus played a pivotal role in co-creating "CS MEETUP Brasil," the leading customer success community in Brazil. For the past five years, Marcus has been leading a Customer Success team at Logicalis, delivering outstanding results. He is widely recognized for his innovative thinking and problem-solving abilities, especially in challenging environments.

The challenge

Facing a multifaceted challenge, Marcus led his team in addressing critical objectives for a major bank. The primary goal was to significantly increase the adoption rate of a video conferencing solution, translating technology investment into tangible benefits. The optimization aimed to unlock new revenue streams and cost-saving opportunities, simplifying communication and collaboration for more efficient operations.

His creative solution

In response to the pandemic crisis, Marcus and his team played a pivotal role in enabling a major bank to transition 75% of its workforce to remote work seamlessly. This achievement not only showcased the bank's effective utilization of acquired technology but also built a foundation of trust.

The outcome

The outcome was remarkable—100,000 users seamlessly connected, with 75% of employees working from home without business interruptions. Beyond the operational impact, the initiative resulted in substantial cost savings of R$1.2 million and a reduction of 257 metric tons of CO2 emissions. This success demonstrated Logicalis' commitment to delivering innovative solutions, enhancing efficiency, and achieving financial and environmental goals for their clients.

💎 Gauri Gautam | Exly

Elevating Customer Retention and Growth through Data-Driven Methods

The challenge

At Exly, Gauri faced a critical challenge: the need to boost customer retention and drive company expansion. Gauri successfully identified and surmounted several technical and business hurdles that were hindering progress. The primary goal was to use these insights to expediently create and introduce a product that not only met customer requirements but also bolstered retention and propelled business growth. No Customer success function/organization can ever succeed without their customers succeeding.

Her creative solution

Solutions always starts with identifying the problems once that is in place, discovering solutions is not even half way away. With any SaaS platforms it’s always about you are letting your customers optimize the cost & reduce the manual efforts. Gauri and the team adopted a distinctive approach. They began by categorizing creators based on their niche and target audience to easily define the possible workflows. From there, they crafted tailored strategies to optimize the utilization of Exly's tool, ensuring maximum impact and streamlining acquisition through precisely constructed funnels.

The outcome

The results were nothing short of extraordinary. The creators witnessed an astounding 20x to 60x surge in overall revenue. This not only opened up multiple avenues for acquisition but also cemented customer retention, marking a significant milestone in Exly's journey towards sustainable growth.

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