EverAfter’s September Updates

EverAfter’s September UpdatesEverAfter’s September Updates

Introducing a welcome message for new customers, a status indication on task plans, a renamed KPI widget with help text, and a new Spreadsheet widget, you don’t want to miss out on these releases!

🎉 Give your customers a warm welcome

EverAfter hub welcome message

We all love personal recognition - even our customers! Give them a special welcome the first time they enter their hub with a customizable welcome message and image.

✅ Know if your task plans are on track

To-do widget

Wish you could easily know if your task plans are on track - instead of only seeing task progress? Add an expected task duration for that task plan to more easily monitor its status.

📁 More clearly present and request customer data

Partnering together

The KPI widget - now called Scorecard & forms - has received many changes to help you provide more clear information to your customers. The newest changes include help text to define each field and sections.

📋 Display data with the new Spreadsheet widget

Spreadsheet widget

We have launched a new Spreadsheet widget for you to manage and display information. With the ability to import data straight from a spreadsheet, use functions like SUM to make automatic calculations, and allow your customer to make changes - this is a tool you want to explore.

And we’re still moving!

We’re already working on our next batch of updates to lead us towards the end of the year. Tune in next month for the latest additions.

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EverAfter’s September Updates
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