EverAfter’s June updates

EverAfter’s June updatesEverAfter’s June updates

Collaborating with customers and accessing your account information keeps getting easier. With a new way to organize your Accounts page, and makeovers to the Meetings and Share materials widgets, you and your customer’s experience just gets better and better.

👨💼 Always see the account information you need

Account Columns

Organize your Accounts page as you need

Personalize your Accounts page with the customer information you need by easily managing the columns. Select the fields you want to be shown in one window and order them however you want.

📅 Revamped Meetings widget

Meetings widget

The Meetings makeover

Look forward to your customer meetings and centralize meeting information with the redesigned Meetings widget. Beautifully present your meeting agenda, summary, and files with the new design 😍.

📄 Share resources like never before!

Share materials widge

Redesigned Share materials widget

The Share materials widget got a makeover to help you conveniently share documents and links with your customers. The widget also adjusts its layout based on the screen size to keep your hubs spick and span.

Stay tuned for after June!

We’re already working on more ways to continue helping you and your customers and can’t wait to share them with you next month. They’re top secret for now 🤐 .

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EverAfter’s June updates
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