EverAfter’s Jolly July

EverAfter’s Jolly JulyEverAfter’s Jolly July

✅ Double your efficiency with the new To-do widget

Save clicks and have a smoother experience with our new and improved To-do widget. With inline editing for simple tasks and a detailed view to enrich tasks. Being rolled out gradually to your workspaces.


🔌 Connect countless data sources to your hubs

Invoice data shared directly from Stripe

Use Stripe to manage customer payments? Maybe Mixpanel to track user analytics? With our REST API integration, show updated data directly from other platforms on your hubs - and filter it automatically for each customer.

🔔 Receive customer updates instantly on Slack

Customer updates on Slack

Be updated directly about your customers’ actions immediately through a specific channel and with mentions on Slack. Our new integration process takes seconds to complete, too!

Stay tuned!

We’re already working on our next batch of updates, so remember to check in next month to hear about our new releases.

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EverAfter’s Jolly July
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