EverAfter’s August additions

EverAfter’s August additionsEverAfter’s August additions

🎁 New features added to the To-do widget

A task consisting of subtasks

The new To-do widget already received its first upgrades: Embed content like a meeting link as an actionable item, have customers update information themselves, and consolidate your task list with subtasks.

👩‍💻 Add a welcoming touch to your hubs

The new Team layout option

Welcome your customers to their hubs with the new layout option of the Contacts widget. With a customizable message, signature, and images of your relevant team members (automate this by linking contacts to roles), your customers will certainly feel at home.

📁 Manage customer files in Google Drive

A customer uploading a file // That file located in Drive

Our new integration with Google Drive allows you to store customer files securely in your system and easily share them with other team members. Files will be organized under each account name in a chosen folder, so your CSMs can quickly move from customer to customer

Keep up the energy!

This month has only begun and we already have new updates. Tune in next month to hear about our latest releases.

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EverAfter’s August additions
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