It’s finally here — EverAfter’s 2022 Customer Onboarding Industry Report!

It’s finally here — EverAfter’s 2022 Customer Onboarding Industry Report!

After surveying 110+ customer success professionals from all industries and roles, we’ve put together the ultimate resource for where customer onboarding is headed in 2022: influencer predictions, trends to expect, and of course, best practices. 

Who did we interview in the research stage, aka industry survey?

Who we interviewed

Customer success managers, C-Level and VP customer success professionals, customer success team leads, and revenue ops professionals. Hailing from companies of all sizes and industries, from organizations of 50 employees or less, up until businesses of 1,000+ employees — and anywhere in between.

What the industry report reveals: 

- Key survey findings 

How many companies personalize client onboarding, who uses time-to-value as their main KPI, and many more…

- Customer onboarding trends for 2022 

Such as hybrid onboarding and the rise of churn, to name a few…

- Best practices for client onboarding in 2022, as told by CS influencers, such as:

  • Yair Bortinger: Head of CS Operations at ControlUp, and an EverAfter Customer Champion
  • Oliver Plane, Customer Success Executive
  • Craig Jackson, CS Regional Manager at Pleo
  • Katie Clark, Onboarding Manager at Partner Stack
  • Gali Michaeli, VP Customer Success at Explorium
  • Matan Alperovitch, Head of Revenue Operations at Zesty
  • Chase Mohseni, Head of Performance at Pencil
  • Kevin Leonor, Customer Success Manager at zoom

What should you do first?

For starters, download the report, you won’t regret it!

Happy reading!

Ready for your happily EverAfter?


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It’s finally here — EverAfter’s 2022 Customer Onboarding Industry Report!
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