Why onboarding in B2B SaaS is similar to project management

Asaff Zamir
March 7, 2021

Asaff explains a concept he calls “the loyalty pyramid” - it starts with transparency, which leads to confidence and ends with trust.

“Onboarding in complex B2B SaaS is a lot like project management. You need to be on top of everything and manage things very closely. EverAfter helps us execute this goal exceptionally well. By enabling us to create a personal customer hub, we can share everything with customers easily and adjust the content to suit that specific persona.

That’s how our clients know we are always on top of things and nothing will fall through the cracks. This is fundamental to the creation of confidence, and confidence leads to trust”.

According to Zamir, you get only one chance to make your first impression.

“Onboarding is that exact point when you start to realize who’s the persona you’re dealing with, how to communicate, how to engage with them. If you do this properly, you’re building a very good base for a long term relationship”.

We asked Asaff for recommendations to CS teams who are just starting out with onboarding. What should they focus on? Here’s what he said: “I like to use a very famous quote by Theodore Roosevelt: ‘the people don’t care about how much you know until they care about how much you care’. This is a part of our vision. A mindset that I think teams should follow.

Process wise, what you’re not measuring cannot be measured and improved and second, the process should serve the ones who use it. If you built a process that people don’t feel confident using, it's not worth it.Focus on transparency in onboarding by having a well defined process that creates a clear picture for both management and team members”.

Asaff shared how his opinion about the length of onboarding changed with time: ”We thought it’ll be a good idea to measure onboarding duration. We believed ‘the shorter the better’. We realized with time that the variance between one customer and another is tremendous. You need two for tango. While we need todo everything in our power to be operational with thec ustomer, we must always take into consideration the ecosystem of the customer, his persona and every thing in between”.

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