We've secured $13M to Reimagine Customer Onboarding and Retention

Noa Danon
September 14, 2021

The remarkable thing about startups is that they strive to create the future the way they imagine it. At EverAfter, our mission is to shape the future of how tech companies build and nurture a relationship with their customers. This, we believe, is what makes businesses thrive.

Throughout my early career as a developer and product manager, I constantly felt that owning new technology development was something that could only be accomplished by a few departments in a company. What excites me the most about the no-code movement - and what we’ve delivered so far as part of it - is the ability to empower passionate, and customer-centric people to create customer experiences, at the level it can and should be in digital companies. 

EverAfter is about enabling customer-facing teams to pave the customer journey the way they imagine it, without depending on external resources to make that experience happen. That journey begins from the customer’s first touch, and goes on to onboarding, to the ongoing relationship and successful retention.

 Technology can only really succeed when you have an empowered team to deliver a customer-obsessed experience with it. Companies that underestimate the importance of human touch in delivering their solutions are bound to miss out on precious feedback and insights, and thus on what proactive actions they should take to grow and scale their business. 

To have an empowered team, you need to nurture, trust and enable your employees’ creativity, and acknowledge their efforts and accomplishments. That is why we’re building EverAfter true to the same values: with transparency, creativity, and with no glass ceilings. This feels both challenging and fantastic at the same time. Ultimately, it raises questions of transparency versus destruction, of freedom versus ownership and accountability, and of creativity versus alignment. Challenges such as these on a daily basis build a strong innovative culture, in my opinion.

Raising money is truly exciting, as is signing contracts and closing a new customer, but that is only the beginning of course. We have a lot of work ahead of us to enable more and more companies to build their customer experience - from first touch to retention. 

Just looking around the corner, we have many new integrations to build, interesting insights to capture, enable customer facing teams to create more types of assets and hubs to fit different processes and make sure our customers can truly craft personal experiences at scale.

We wouldn't be here without the trust of pioneers at our customer organizations as well as the legendary everAfter team and its investors.

Here’s to starting the next chapter!

Noa Danon

Co-founder & CEO, EverAfter

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