Winter time and the livin’s easy: New customer hub features for January 2022

Winter time and the livin’s easy: New customer hub features for January 2022Winter time and the livin’s easy: New customer hub features for January 2022

There might be blizzards outside, yet EverAfter product wizards have been warming up indoors, along with our new features they worked on for our beloved users. 

What’s changed throughout the snowstorms?

On the whole, the theme of January in the EverAfter product labs was none other than productivity — asking ourselves “how can we make the EverAfter customer hub experience more productive for users, in a way that’s simplest and most comfortable?

Here’s how: 

  • It’s now easier to add widgets to your hub — from right inside the hub itself
  • You can now use the new API to automatically update a task status automatically - from your CRM, your product or any other source
  • It’s so much more comfortable to navigate to your widgets – both for you and your customers

Let’s take a closer look at each new feature.

🖇️  Easily add widgets from within your hub

The “Add widget here” button now appears when you hover on any widget.

There’s a new way to add widgets to your kits! 

An “Add widget here” button now appears each time you hover on a widget. Click on it to open the full widget menu right there in your kit, and select your desired widget. 

We built this feature with the goal in mind of reinforcing the cohesive experience of the EverAfter workspace, that everything you need is in one place and you don’t need to keep switching between interfaces to accomplish what you need. 

✅ You asked — and you got it! Update task status via API

Update a task status from outside EverAfter with the new task status API

We get it, some tasks should be automatically set as done once they are completed. With the new task status API you can update a task status from outside of EverAfter, automatically. It’s great for low touch or self service use cases, and to make sure the status is always up to date.

This makes it easier to embrace one of the strongest pillars of the EverAfter customer hub — for your customers to always know where they stand and what their next step should entail.

🔗 Widget links just got a major boost

Tons of improvements to hub widget links

We made a few improvements to the widget links, so that now:

  • Set action buttons that send your customers  directly to another widget in the hub
  • Send customers to a specific widget by sharing with them the link to a specific widget
  • Emails just got better, and now each part of it is linked to the relevant widget, just a click away
  • Working on an account but want to change this widget to the whole kit? ‘Edit for all’ action is now directing to the relevant kit widget
  • Links from Status tracker and Open tasks screens take you to the right Task widget to get the full customer context

And also...

  • 👨‍💻👩‍💻  Multiple team members can now view and manage the same accounts seamlessly
  • 🔗  Plan to use our APIs? You can easily copy the asset ID from your workspace settings
  • 📝  Remove internal notes from Task widget sections
  • 👤  Users with the "Member" role now can copy noticeable widgets from their colleagues' hubs
  • 🎥  Meetings widget better supports matching meetings by specific contact in Salesforce workspaces
  • 💭  Contact widget settings are now more intuitive
  • ✅  Task and widget menus are now better organized and easier to navigate
  • 📏  Have full control over your widget’s height

That’s not all, folks

And that was just January. We’re already ankle-deep in working on the February 2021 product releases, so stay tuned for what’s coming up next month. We promise, you won’t be disappointed.

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