EverAfter for tech-touch is on Product Hunt today!

EverAfter for tech-touch is on Product Hunt today!EverAfter for tech-touch is on Product Hunt today!

In the last few months we’ve worked hard on creating a unique offering for companies who wish to transition some or all of their accounts to a tech-touch motion.

But let’s start from the beginning..

In companies offering free plans or low-cost "get started" plans, customer success teams spend a lot of time on manual redundant tasks, leaving little time to focus on building relationships and creating value with customers with higher ARRs.

Using a customer experience portal, these companies are able to create an actionable self-served hub to that empowers their tech-touch accounts to take the relevant actions during onboarding, learn that product based on their specific needs, and even review their performance on a quarterly basis, using an EBR hub that’s created for the automatically. 

By using tech-touch hubs, customers become self-sufficient and are able to achieve their expected ROI, regardless of whether they are hand-held by a CSM. From the other end, the customer success team can focus on providing value and building relationships with high ARR accounts. 

Which information can you find in EverAfter’s customer portals/hubs?

  • Personalized yet automated content - A customer portal's magic wand is the ability to display content based on a customer's specific aspirations and needs.
  • To-list lists that include the relevant tasks that customers should execute in order to become fully onboarded. These tasks can have due dates, attached materials, links and what-not.

  • Learning materials whether that’s written resources or videos. You can actually build a full academy that will be different for each account based on segmentation that you’ve defined in advance. 
  • Feed your portal with data from your tech stack. Once you connect your customer portal to your CRM and data platforms, you’ll be able to present you clients reports, charts and any other data points to reflect their progress, usage and adoption.

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EverAfter for tech-touch is on Product Hunt today!
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