Planning for 2024: How to Build a Winning Annual Customer Success Strategy

Irit Eizips | CSM Practice
Danielle Zimeman | Wistia
Ezra Zimbler | LinkedIn
Alan Ginsberg | Metadata

Ignite your 2024 Customer Success strategy and craft a winning game plan by extracting real-life tactics straight from the minds of seasoned CS leaders. Moderated by Irit Eizips.

Tech Advancements in 2024:

The year 2024 promises an array of technological advancements. The panelists discuss how they're strategizing to harness the power of AI tools and reshape their tech stacks. Danielle from Wistia emphasizes the importance of creating an outstanding customer experience efficiently, with AI playing a key role. Ezra at LinkedIn aims to remove operational noise, allowing more time for meaningful customer interactions through AI-driven efficiencies. Alan at underscores the significance of customer health and value, focusing on adoption and advocacy.

Scaling Teams and Efficiency:

In a budget-sensitive landscape, the panelists share innovative approaches to enhance team productivity and efficiency. Ezra highlights the importance of specialist teams within LinkedIn's customer success department, providing depth of knowledge for an efficient customer-centric approach. Danielle emphasizes cross-functional collaboration and leveraging existing resources to amplify customer-centricity across the company. Alan underscores the criticality of team enablement, focusing on closing skill and knowledge gaps to empower every team member.

Leveraging AI Tools:

The panelists discuss their cautious yet proactive approach to incorporating AI tools into their strategies. Ezra, Danielle, and Alan all acknowledge the potential impact of AI in streamlining processes and enhancing customer interactions. They emphasize a measured and data-driven approach to ensure the right tools are implemented securely and effectively.

Aligning Company-wide for Customer Success:

The speakers underscore the shift towards making customer success a company-wide endeavor. Alan, Danielle, and Ezra share how they're fostering alignment across departments, with dedicated liaisons to ensure everyone is focused on customer health, adoption, and value. They reveal initiatives like executive roadshows and customer advocacy programs, illustrating how every team member plays a crucial role in achieving customer-centricity.


As the industry steps into 2024, these panelists offer a glimpse into the evolving landscape of customer success. Their insights, strategies, and initiatives reflect a dynamic approach to addressing economic challenges, leveraging technology, and prioritizing customer-centricity. Join them on this journey as they navigate the exciting prospects that lie ahead in the realm of customer success.


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