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We all know that emails have their limitations, and in a world where grabbing attention is more challenging than ever, especially with customers juggling between five to twenty different tools every day, we need a more personal approach.

As customer success leaders, you're on the front lines, motivating clients and guiding them towards success. You're not alone in this struggle to grab their attention; they're navigating a complex landscape of tools.

So, how do we ensure our customers engage with the right content? It's through what we call customer hubs. This year, we've taken personalization to the next level.

Research tells us that relevant content leads to higher user retention. People stick around when they see information tailored to their needs. On the flip side, bombarding them with irrelevant content erodes trust.

Maintaining a personal touch, even in a digital realm, builds trust. Customers want to feel like they're interacting with a real person, even in a low-touch model.

Now, let's dive into the exciting releases:

  1. Callouts: This feature introduces a new layer of personalized information. It allows you to create pop-up messages tied to specific widgets in your customer hub, providing a direct line of communication that feels personal.
  2. Individual Task Plans: Tailoring tasks to each user ensures they engage with your product in the best way possible. Whether it's integrations or day-to-day functionality, this feature ensures every user has a dedicated task list.
  3. Persona-based Visibility Rules: Customize content not just by account, but by persona. This adds another layer of personalization, ensuring each user receives content relevant to their role and needs.

Moving on to our second theme:

Connecting Your Customer-facing Tech Stack. Imagine trying to bake a cake without a crucial ingredient. Integrating your customer-facing software with your tech stack ensures your customers get the complete recipe for success.

We're introducing an array of powerful features:

  1. Multi-Project Feature: Ideal for larger organizations with multiple branches, this feature allows management teams to easily switch between different hubs, gaining a comprehensive view of CS activity across the entire company.
  2. Multi-Access Feature: Grant specific individuals from outside your organization access to accounts they contribute to, without exposing them to all your customer data.

Finally, let's talk about creating inbound Customer Success Qualified Leads (CSQLs). It's about letting potential clients come to you because they're genuinely interested in what you've created.

Our recommendation-based content widget allows you to surface relevant information to specific segments of accounts. This, combined with the scorecard widget, creates a dynamic way to generate CSQLs.

Additionally, our engagement alerts ensure you're notified right away when someone shows interest in your offering.

Lastly, we're introducing the ability to create a Customer Academy directly within your product. Trained customers are more likely to use a product extensively and renew their subscriptions. Embedding videos and personalizing the journey for each persona ensures a consistent, brand-aligned experience.

In conclusion, we've covered some groundbreaking features today that are designed to enhance your customer journey and drive success. Remember, it's not about bombarding customers with information; it's about providing the right content at the right time.


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