Connect 2023 Dots to Plan 2024 Creatively

Noa Danon

Join Noa Danon, EverAfter Co-Founder and CEO for an insightful session on leveraging creativity to connect the dots between 2023 and 2024. Discover practical strategies and refine your planning approach and drive success in 2024.

The Art of Connecting Dots Noa drew parallels between childhood games like "I spy" and the process of creative planning. She highlighted that, just like finding hidden objects, identifying opportunities in our plans requires a discerning eye.

The Power of Creation Noa emphasized that as leaders, our primary impact lies in the initiation and ideation phase. Getting this phase right is crucial, as it sets the foundation for success.

Creativity as a Belief System To Noa, creativity is not just an action, but a core belief system akin to a religion. The more one commits to it, the more it empowers not only oneself but also those around them.

Reflecting on Past Experiences Noa took us on a journey back to 2014, sharing her experiences as a young parent. She demonstrated how reflecting on past challenges and successes paved the way for better planning in subsequent phases of her life.

September: The Month of Transition September, for Noa, is an ideal time for reflection and connecting the dots. Positioned between the achievements of the year and the upcoming Q4, it provides a strategic window for planningץ Embracing Change and Growth Noa challenged us to tackle first-level problems head-on, as they often hold the key to meaningful progress. While change can be uncomfortable, not changing can be even more detrimental in the long run.

Homework: Collecting the Dots Noa provided a ten-question framework to help individuals and teams reflect on the past year. By uncovering key learnings and insights, this exercise serves as a foundation for planning a successful 2024.

  • What would you give up to gain three hours a week?
  • If you were to build your department from scratch, what would it look like?
  • What skill or tool would significantly enhance your team's performance?
  • What top three things have you learned about yourself, your team, and your customers that you didn't know in January?

Customer-Centric Planning Noa stressed the importance of focusing on what customers really need from us, rather than assuming what services to provide. This approach forms the basis for building a tailored customer success strategy.

In conclusion, Noa's talk on creative planning for 2024 serves as a powerful reminder that planning is not just a task but a strategic art form. By reflecting on past experiences, embracing change, and prioritizing customer needs, we pave the way for a successful and transformative year ahead. Remember, the dots are there; it's our job to connect them.


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