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Frequently asked questions answered

Will each customer have their own hub?

Yes, they will! Each customer is different and they will have their own space. You can create kits (like templates) to be reused, but at the end, each customer will have a personalized experience.

Will the hub look like my brand?

EverAfter is a white-labeled solution, you can quickly design it according to your brand guidelines and make it yours.

Can I do it on my own or do I need a developer?

EverAfter is a no-code platform, so you can (and should!) do anything on your own - drag & drop widgets, enter content, connect your tools and share with your customers and partners.

How do I share the hub?

There are many ways to share the hubs - you can send a link, you can send the content via email, you can use it as a presentation during the call with the customer or partner, and the best part - you can embed it as part of your product to have a seamless experience for your customers and partners.

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