AI and The Customer Journey

Ben Brownlee | Gong

In this session, Ben will explore the dynamic synergy between AI and the customer journey. Discover how leveraging cutting-edge AI technologies can supercharge customer onboarding, drive renewals, and elevate overall satisfaction. Gain practical insights and actionable strategies to redefine your approach to customer engagement.

The surge in AI adoption has brought forth a wave of new possibilities and applications, creating a diverse landscape of opportunities. To help navigate this dynamic terrain, Ben offered a crash course in AI for customer success, tailored for both seasoned professionals looking to fine-tune their tech stack and newcomers seeking to chart their course for the next year.

Two core AI concepts were at the heart of Ben's talk: generative AI and predictive AI. While generative AI, exemplified by Chat GBT, allows the generation of content from a wide array of sources, predictive AI extends beyond content creation, offering insights that can alter business trajectories.

Ben elucidated how predictive AI is revolutionizing customer support. By identifying signals and keywords, it can predict ticket escalations before they occur, empowering support teams to take proactive measures. Additionally, AI streamlines customer education efforts, ensuring content relevance through smart tagging and organization.

In the realm of customer engagement, AI-driven digital hubs are replacing traditional knowledge bases. They enable users to ask questions and receive comprehensive answers drawn from a multitude of sources, enhancing user experience and efficiency.

AI is also making personalized engagement at scale a reality. By automating tasks like call summaries and email personalization, AI strikes a balance between efficiency and personal touch. Furthermore, it offers insights into customer interactions, helping teams understand trends and risks in real time.

Voice of customer initiatives are benefiting immensely from AI's analytical capabilities. It speeds up the process of extracting insights from NPS surveys, CSAT scores, and customer effort scores. AI can even detect nuanced expressions of risk or dissatisfaction, allowing for timely interventions.

As AI transcends language barriers, global companies gain the ability to aggregate and analyze trends across diverse regions and languages. This opens up new avenues for understanding customer sentiment and behavior on a global scale.

Ben concluded by emphasizing the importance of scrutinizing security and accuracy in AI solutions. While large language models are a valuable resource, due diligence is essential, especially as AI evolves beyond activity-based metrics.


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