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We assess our stakeholders’ personas as part of our human instincts, and there are good reasons for that. It is a fundamental building block of any relationship building. Moreover, effective stakeholder management is based on understanding their objectives and thought process (which is driven by their personality). Learning about your stakeholder’s mindset and attitude is not simple, and reading their LinkedIn profile is insufficient. You are then expected to rely on your soft skills to assess their personality, communication style, decision-making process, etc. This approach can be modularized into a simple framework, which I found intuitive and easy to follow. It requires your understanding of two human “dimensions” - The tendency to be Reactive or Proactive and being a structured “thinker” as opposed to being a “Freestyle” lover. This approach is illustrated in the infographic to assist CSMs in identifying the appropriate method to manage stakeholders and find avenues to engage them. You are welcome to leverage the framework and share your feedback with me.

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Guy Galon

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Guy is a multi-disciplined Customer Success executive advisor with 22 years of experience. Guy is passionate about customer management and driving people (customers, direct reports, friends, and colleagues) to success. Guy is also a mentor, lecturer, and novelist.

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Human relationships can be complicated to manage. However, there are many dimensions according to which we can profile people’s behavior. This notion led me to create this infographic to assist CSMs in identifying the appropriate approach to manage stakeholders and find avenues to engage them.

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Contributed by: Mariah Urueta

Mariah boasts 4+ years of B2B SaaS expertise and 3+ years in Program Management from the non-profit sector. As Gong's 3rd Scale CSM, she expertly combined empathy and data to create a self-serve experience for the scale segment, achieving 2-3 times faster time-to-value for customers while managing 160+ accounts. Continuing her journey as Product Manager at LeanData, she excelled as an Associate Product Manager, leading the launch of multiple roadmap level features and integration enhancements.

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Contributed by: Haig Kingston

Haig Kingston is an experienced Customer Success Professional and Leader with over 10+ years of experience within the Saas and Services space, working with a wide range of customer profiles and leading on CS scale ups within organizations both, domestically and globally. CS is his passion and works to help support others across the industry through various thought leadership groups.

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