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Design beautiful, personalized customer hubs for every user, at every stage of the life cycle, in five easy steps.
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Add your accounts to EverAfter

Start by importing the accounts you manage into EverAfter. This can be done via a CSV file or by using our SalesForce and Hubspot integrations. 

Work your magic and craft your hubs

Drag and drop the widgets that matter such as task management, Zendesk support tickets, meeting summaries, KPIs, and more!

Set criteria for what content to show different users

With user personas you can determine which hub is shown to each user within each account. For example, champion users could see open tasks and release notes, whereas billing users could see invoices. 

Publish your hub and monitor engagement 

Utilize the analytics feature to find out how your customers consume your content. We'll notify you every time a customer engages and provide cross-hub insights.

Share workspace with your customers for ongoing collaboration

Make the most of your hub by using it for customer meetings,  product release notes, QBRs and all things customer-success

Noooo, not another tool 😱

Rest assured, this is one you're going to love.
We're all about boosting productivity, which is why we integrate our platform with your existing tech stack, reducing time and frustration.

We also love automation, so every widget populates the relevant information across users and accounts automatically. 
Let the magic begin!

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