Much more than a Partner Relationship Management Software

What are the benefits
of EverAfter for B2B Partner Management?

One place for all marketing pitch content easily

Help your partners close deals by having all your pitch content, selling decks and competitors battle cards in one central hub.

Let your partners manage their leads & referral pipeline easily

Create a partner onboarding hub to onboard & certificate new partners on your platform through EverAfter

Onboard new partners effectively

Streamline your processes and communication with partners with EverAfter's customized portals.

Why do you need a partner portal?

Partner teams typically start investing in partner portals when one of the following occurs:

You realize that you spend long hours preparing for ongoing meetings with your partners.

It appears that your partners lack valuable information about your product that’ll help them pitch it properly.

Your partner referral process is so tedious and involves sending endless emails back-n-forth and manually adding each to your CRM.

It dawns on you that you're employing so many different tools to communicate with your partners. Whether it's Google Sheets, presentations, or anything else. You know there must be a better way.

All these challenges can be solved through a partner portal, along with many others. You can showcase all relevant information per partner in a personalized way by building a partner portal for each of your partners.

With EverAfter, you don't have to manually insert data - you connect it to your tech stack, so the data flows in real time and displays the appropriate content based on each account's needs.

Unlock a superior partner experience

EverAfter offers a self-service workspace that's fully white-labeled, customized, and can either be embedded in your product or shared through a private link.

Connect  your CRM to your portals so that your partners stay up-to-date

By connecting EverAfter directly to your CRM, you can show every partner their own leads pipeline in real-time. Utilize our native integrations to create new lead records directly in your CRM.

Drive partnership growth and improve ROI

By having all content related to your pitch in one place, you will not only ensure your partners understand your product & value, but also segment content so that the relevant pitch will be presented to each partner.

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Ready for your happily EverAfter?

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