Frequently asked questions answered

What types of Cookies does EverAfter use?

In order to manage authentication and provide the best experience to our customers, EverAfter stores cookies on your browser. To find out what cookies have been set and how to manage and delete them, we recommend visiting EverAfter Cookies Policy.

Does EverAfter uses sub-processors?

Yes - EverAfter uses several third-party service providers to help us process our customers’ data on their behalf. Here is the link to our sub-processors list

Before selecting a new tool, we double check their privacy and security standards, and consider both areas as critical for tools selection process. We have signed on a DPA and relevant documents, and perform privacy and security assessments, all in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Does EverAfter offer a DPA?

Yes. Data Processing Addendum agreement is available to all EverAfter customers, To make sure that the personal data we process on their behalf is protected and processed appropriately. Here is the link our Data Processing Addendum (DPA) online.

Where does EverAfter store my data?

A user's data consists of things like their name, notifications, integrations with Google and Slack, comments, etc. This data is stored on an encrypted database or S3 at both rest and in transit within the AWS US region or AWS Europe region.

Which Security and Privacy-related regulations, standards and certifications does EverAfter comply with?

EverAfter has a Service Organization Control 2 (SOC-2) Type II certificate and is compliant with The General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR).

How long does EverAfter retain my data for? What happens to the data if I stop using the service?

EverAfter keeps customer data for and retains your data for as long as your workspace is active. As soon as you stop using EverAfter, your workspace along with all your data will be deleted from our databases.

Who is EverAfter’s security personnel?

In EverAfter, we understand security is very important to our clients and their users. This is why we have our most reliable and educated people taking care of the security. 

For any question or concern regarding security, please feel free to contacts Tal Shemesh, our CTO at

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