EverAfter Or Churn Zero?

  • Choosing the right Customer Success tech stack is critical for any CS leader. When comparing EverAfter and ChurnZero, EverAfter stands out with its customer-centric approach.

  • While ChurnZero is a viable option, EverAfter's customer-facing portal software and powerful automation capabilities make it the preferred choice for many CS leaders looking to boost their team capacity while enhancing their customer’s experience.

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Wouldn’t it be nice to give your customer everything they need in one place?

You will no longer share spreadsheets with your customers or send endless emails with attached materials. Instead, you’ll focus on creating value.

With EverAfter:

  • Quickly spin up dynamic, branded customer hubs on your own (no developer needed)

  • Feed your hub with data from your tech stack

  • Use our widget-based creator to include call recordings, documents, KPIs, contracts, task lists, and so much more!

Wouldn’t it be nice to give your customer everything they need in one place?JoDoe

Create an actionable self-serve hub to empower your tech-touch accounts

Using a customer hub, your low-ARR accounts will become truly self-sufficient:

  • Automatically generate hubs that include tasks, written resources, videos, surveys and what not.

  • Easily send business review slides to your low ARR accounts using our fully-automated QBR solution

Record-breaking time-to-value with a one-of -a-kind customer onboarding hub

Onboarding new users is probably your CSMs' most time-consuming responsibility. So often they find themselves answering the same questions over and over again.

With EverAfter:

  • Create an automated onboarding journey that feels personalized

  • Share the right content with each customer segment

  • Give your CS team more time to focus on growth and adoption

"EverAfter has become an integral part of our customers' lives"

Without EverAfter

  • Communication with customers is difficult because it takes place across so many channels and there is no single-source-of-truth.

  • Too often, customers are reactive to their CSMs' efforts, resulting in a very long onboarding process and constant follow ups to complete necessary steps and master the product.

  • Hundreds of hours a month spent on reactive and repetitive CS work.

  • The CSM gets flooded with requests for usage data, invoices, and additional data points, involving many teams in the company for support and taking endless screenshots.

With EverAfter

  • Customers gain faster time-to-value and higher retention through the use of a customer hub - single source of truth for the entire customer experience.

  • With a customer hub, customers are aware of their current stage within the customer journey and become fully accountable for their success.

  • CSMs have more time to focus on value creation for customers, consultation and strategic thinking.

  • By gaining visibility into data and content previously unavailable, customers are able to make better business decisions.

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