K4Connect Cuts Onboarding Time by 50% with Personalized Onboarding Hubs

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About K4Connect

K4Connect creates solutions that serve and empower older adults and individuals living with disabilities, enhancing lives by integrating the latest in smart technologies into a single responsive system. Our solutions enable smarter living environments and healthier lives, while fostering family and community engagement. 

Industry: SaaS, IT

Company size: 30 emp.

Location: USA

Use Case: Empowering customers to self-educate and manage technology rollouts successfully without depending on direct communication with the client success team.

The Challenge

Prior to finding out about EverAfter,  the customer experience at K4Connect was disjointed and relied heavily on a client success representative to manage every step of the process. This included relationship management, customer education through webinars and one-on-one meetings, white-glove services with physical training visits, and a digital library of around-the-clock resources. While some elements were successful, scaling a top-notch customer experience was challenging, costly, and lacked visibility into how customers were progressing through the rollout. 

K4Connect faced a common challenge in the enterprise software industry: lengthy onboarding processes that took multiple months and relied heavily on email and in-person meetings. The company sought a solution to efficiently extend the reach of their client success team without increasing headcount, enabling customers to self-educate and manage rollouts independently. Additionally, K4Connect's customers had high user turnover rates, making it difficult to continuously retrain and onboard new users without direct support from client success representatives. With its B-B-C business model, both K4Connect’s clients and its downstream users were impacted by high turnover rates, resulting in increased costs for retraining and a fragmented user experience.

The Solution

K4connect's success criteria were clearly defined when they discovered EverAfter. The most important aspect was having a short time-to-value and an appropriately-priced solution that could be easily implemented and managed by their small team of customer success managers. In addition, the solution needed to be embeddable into their Team Hub staff portal, have a user-friendly UI/UX that matched their branding, and seamlessly integrate with their existing stack. K4Connect was able to create a useful customer page within three hours of getting the software and quickly developed a white-labeled solution for priority clients. 

By implementing EverAfter, K4Connect gave clients a 24/7 "Digital CSM" to highlight their journey with key actions and program milestones.

Key metrics


Reduction in onboarding time
From 4 to 2 months

Of the emails sent during onboarding. From 50 to 10


The number of times a customer takes action in the hub in a week

The results

After using EverAfter to rollout  "Mission Control", their industry-leading client portal, the team reduced onboarding time by 50% while sending a fraction of the emails, cutting it down from 4 months to 2 months. By powering everything with their CRM, they gave clients a seamless, secure SSO login experience so everyone could easily be on the same page - literally.

One priority client, Cypress Living, achieved a record-high 97% resident app adoption rate within a month of launching. The onboarding process also became more manageable for clients, with a better sense of progress and a visual rubric to follow. From a customer success manager perspective, the central location for important account information was helpful, and the "getting started" widget for new staff reduced onboarding time by an estimated 10 hours per month. Overall, EverAfter improved the onboarding experience for both K4Connect and its clients.

“I love that Everafter is always improving. I truly look forward to the monthly product updates and am itching to see what the engineers at EverAfter cooked up this month”

Robert Vogel
Director of Strategic Accounts at K4Connect

K4Connect’s unique hub experience

K4Connect's personalized onboarding hubs serve a unique industry, long-term care communities, which have traditionally been slow to adopt innovative workplace solutions. The hubs empower overworked and understaffed staff to manage complex solutions and transform their workday experience as more communities adopt new technologies. 

K4Connect’s unique hub experience

Each hub is tailored to the individual community and includes access to customer success managers, device health resources, and key contract details. Using Salesforce fields, K4Connect can easily create different hubs for different tiers of accounts and offer a customized experience. 

In 2023, the company plans to transition their onboarding process for tier two accounts to a completely virtual process with the help of EverAfter, saving valuable time for both staff and customer success teams."

Integrated SSO link makes it super easy for clients to access their EverAfter portal. The team at K4Connect can control who sees the link based on product feature flags.

product feature flags

Progress Tracker

Progress Tracker

An Internal kit that controls what tasks are visible based on what products their client has purchased. An easy, consistent way to make sure clients only see the tasks relevant to them. The true/false result controls downstream to-do lists.


Ability for K4Connect to add a helpful, branded section that quickly summarizes who we are and what we do. This helps them connect with our customers and align them on their mission

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