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What is CSM software

One stop shop for account management

One stop shop for account management

Streamline your customer success processes and communication with customers with EverAfter's customized portals.
Build a digitally-forward success team

Build a digitally-forward success team

Deliver a unique customer success experience by offering white-labeled collaboration workspaces built into your product.

Let your tech stack data flow into the portals

Integrate EverAfter with the tools you already use to have real-time account data flow right into your portals.

Do I need a Customer Success Software?

Customer Success Software

In the past, companies were solely focused on closing more deals to grow, but today, it is evident that if your company wants to succeed and grow, you have to maintain a balance between client retention and new business opportunities.

So, you must then ask how you can invest in client retention without stretching your budget too thin by adding more and more customer success managers.

Implementing technology that enables customer success is the answer.
With CSM tools, you can improve your client onboarding and manage your entire customer lifecycle in the most efficient and effective manner.

CSM tools

Using EverAfter’s customer Success Software you’ll be able to create beautiful and personalized customer hubs with drag-and-drop, customer-centric widgets for task management, KPIs, timelines, shared assets, support tickets and more.

How EverAfter can help
you as a CS Executive:

Improve the efficiency of CSMs

Reduce time-to-onboard

Ensure your data is clean & organized

Get an overview of the performance of your success programs

How EverAfter can help
you as a CSM

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