Seamlessly share Gong call recordings with your customers

Seamlessly share Gong call recordings with your customers Seamlessly share Gong call recordings with your customers

Have you heard? Unlocking a superior customer success experience just got easier. From today, you can seamlessly share call recordings with your customers via our newest partnership. 

Gong is the latest major platform that natively integrates with EverAfter. Gong, the Revenue Intelligence Platform, enables revenue teams to realize their fullest potential by unveiling their customer reality by capturing and understanding every customer interaction, then delivering insights at scale. 


View all your Gong meetings directly from your personalized customer hub

Using EverAfter and Gong together will take your customer hubs to the next level, as it provides capabilities like:

  • Auto-generated call links. EverAfter searches for meetings with every customer, and automatically generates call links that will be attached to the meeting timelines. 
  • Feature-rich meetings widget for all your meeting needs. This integration enables you to better manage your meetings by incorporating agenda items, summaries, documents, and meeting recordings all in one place.
  • Let your customers watch recordings within their customer hub. All meeting recordings are embedded directly into your EverAfter customer portal, so your customers never have to leave it. 
Embedded directly within your personalized customer hub, you can easily view and share all related Gong meeting analytics.

EverAfter lets you build personalized hubs for every user directly inside your product. No code required. Our integration with Gong allows you to share Gong recordings with your customers seamlessly. 
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Seamlessly share Gong call recordings with your customers
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