Get on the same page with your customer.

An intuitive drag-and-drop builder that lets you create a shared workspace with each account directly inside your product.

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Personalized hub for every user

Get on the same page with your customer.

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A Happy Girl

Top customer-obsessed teams have already built their customer hub kingdoms with EverAfter

The first Customer Collaboration Platform.


Create beautiful and personalized customer hubs with drag-and-drop, customer-centric widgets for task management, KPIs, timelines, shared assets, support tickets and more!


Use our native integration with Salesforce to insert content directly into your hubs, then use our user personas to decide which hub to show to each user within each account.


Engage your customer through the hub by adding tasks, uploading docs, commenting on things you've shared and more. Get notifications when customers engage with the hub.

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A customer success manager's work usually starts when most fairy tales end.

Taking care of the customers happily ever after. Here at EverAfter we empower customer success teams to do just that. Our secret sauce is our smart widget-based hubs that allow you to design personalized workspace for each user type, at every stage of the life-cycle. No code needed.


Unlock a superior customer success experience.

EverAfter offers a self-service workspace that's fully white-labeled, customized, and can either be embedded in your product or shared through a private link. Give your CSMs more control over the customer experience.

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Let your CRM data flow into your hub so your customers can stay on top of everything.

It takes FOREVER to bring together content to share with customers. The power of EverAfter begins when you connect it to the tools you already have. You choose what to show every customer. Show their own KPIs taken from Salesforce, support tickets pulled from Zendesk, upcoming training meetings taken from your calendar, and so much more!

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“EverAfter is the next step in high touch customer relationships management. Finally, a place to nurture real connections with customers”

Ziv Peled, Chief Customer Officer, AppsFlyer

Run your onboarding and ongoing customer programs with the ultimate customer collaboration tool

Forget all about using an external tool to project-manage your customers’ success plans. Use EverAfter's prebuilt widgets to collaborate on timelines, KPIs, tasks, meeting agendas, and everything else.

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Getting started is easy.

No more set-up headaches. EverAfter lets you turn customer success playbooks into beautiful hubs that you can deploy at scale.

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Present valuable data coming from your tech stack

How Verbit built a game-changing customer hub with EverAfter

Ready for your happily EverAfter?