Remote Interview Best Practice Guide

By following the best practices outlined in this guide, Customer Success candidates can present themselves professionally and confidently during remote interviews, significantly increasing their chances of landing the job. Remote interviews come with their unique considerations and challenges, but with the right approach, candidates can make a positive impression on potential employers. This guide provides valuable insights and recommendations for navigating remote interviews effectively, including tips for setting up a suitable interview environment, leveraging technology for seamless communication, and showcasing one's skills and qualifications remotely. By implementing these best practices, candidates can demonstrate their professionalism, adaptability, and preparedness, ultimately enhancing their prospects of securing the desired job opportunity.

Contributed by:
Dana Alvarenga

Processes & programs

Dana Alvarenga has over 18 years experience in the technology industry within sales, sales training, management, customer education and success. At SlapFive she is the VP of Customer Experience and leads the Customer Success function, along with Education, VOC, and Advocacy.

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Remote Interview Best Practice Guide

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